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Ask Dr Yogendra Nath Mann for Advice
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Dr Yogendra Nath Mann
Dr Yogendra Nath Mann

Dr Yogendra Nath Mann


Retired Assistant General Manager, State Bank of India and Former Associate Professor (Banking & Finance), Dr. Gaur Hari Singhan

Advice to young professionals
They must be uptodate in their field and must be alive to what is happening worldwide in their field.
What are your thoughts on education system in India. What measures to be taken into consideration to improve its quality?
By and large, the present education system in India is appropriate, except that it requires regular review to ensure creation of a pool of professionals who care for the countrymen and act as the change agent of the society.

Establishing too many professional Institutes be avoided as the present day mushroomlike growth of Management and Engineering Institutes is creating problems in the absorption of the passouts.
Biggest challenge faced by accounting professionals
Lack of availablity of time with the professionals to make them uppdated. Majority of these professionals are very much busy in their profession and hardly devote any time to augment their knowledge.
If any thing you want to share with us apart from what we have asked. Please feel free to write.
The Institutes providing the professional courses aim at developing such courses which do not have extra ordinary curriculum. The papers for examinations should be need based for professional courses.

If needed, the additional short term courses should be introduced so that the professionals go on studying regularly.
My achievement
I have passed undernoted exams. during my service in the State Bank of India :
1. Ph. D. Degree in Economics,
2. C.A.I.I.B. from the Indian Institute of Banking & Finance,
3, Post Graduate Diploma in Training & Development from the Indian Society for Training & Development, New Delhi,
4. Examination in Industrial Finance.

Apart from the above, my hard work helped me in being elevated to the post of Assistant General Manager (Senior Management Grade Scale-V)and ater retirement I served as Associate Professor in a Management Institute of repute.
Family background
I have three sons and two daughters. All my children have done postgraduation in academic as well as professional streame. Two sons are executives in the Banks and the third son is in Software industry.

My daughters are married and they two are having postgraduation degree in Sociology.

My spouse is a housemaker.
Ensuring accuracy of every entries
Checking and cross checking with various books and then reviewing the final results.
Initiative taken to develop a country
There are two things in professionalism - one is professionalism in politics and policitisation of professionalism.

The policitisation of professionalism is the greatest evil prevailing in the country. In fact, The maxim should be that professionals do not belong to any caste, creed, community and nationality. They should serve to the cause of humanity.
Important decision
1. To acquire more and more professional knowledge and complete courses.
2. T take firm decisions in ensuring quality of advances booked during my service in the Bank.
To provide quality education during my tenure in the Management Institute.
Relevant Courses and certification
1. Associate Exam. of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.
2. Associate Exam. of the Institute of Cost & Works Accountants of India.
3. Associate Exam. of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India.
4. C.F.A.
Account Vs Finance
In my view, Accounting is the methodical or precise recording, reporting, and assessment of financial deals and transactions of a business. Accounting also involves the preparation of statements or declarations concerning assets, liabilities, and outcomes of operations of a business, whereas, finance is a management of assets and liabilities in an efficient way. In a way, they are related to each other and yet they also have differences between each other.

Accounting is an essential part of finance. It is a sub-function of finance. Accounting produces information about the operations of a business. The end-product of accounting is composed of financial declarations such as balance sheets, income declarations which include the profit and loss accounts, and the declaration of changes in financial position which includes sources and uses of funds declaration.
Couple of years from now
Although I have retired from two Assignments and completed 63 years of age, I am regularly in touch with the professional bodies and doing academic work in various capacities to keep myself updated in my fields of interest. I am sure to contribute towards development in these areas.
Ensuring growth
Continuous and regular study and interaction with the professionals through print and social media.
Important lesson learned
1. Honesty is the best policy.
2. Be firm in your decisions. Leniency is always challenged but firmness is hardly challenged.
Importance of Accounting
In fact, Accounting is the backbone of all the organizations. It ensures recording of all the activities in money terms.
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