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Ask Dr Janardhana Hebbar for Advice
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Dr Janardhana Hebbar
Dr Janardhana Hebbar

Dr Janardhana Hebbar


Alva’s Ayurveda Medical College

Current job profile
I am Dr Janardhana V Hebbar, an Ayurvedic doctor with Post graduate degree [MD] in Ayurvedic pharmaceutics.
I work as lecturer in Alva’s Ayurveda Medical College, Moodbidri, Mangalore, Karnataka.
I also work as product manager in Alva Pharmacy, a wing of Alva’s group.
I work as a Novel Net officer in Divine Park Trust ® - A non profit spiritual organization.
I own four websites, through which I try to educate people about Ayurveda, home remedies and healthy lifestyle.
• – dedicated for home remedies and lifestyle tips
• – dedicated for teaching Ayurveda from basics to pro level
• – a database of more than 1000 Ayurvedic medicines, with ingredients, indications, dose and side effects
• – educating people about sexual health.  
I am author of three e-books –
Improve Your Life Easily With Ayurveda
Tridosha – Basic Principle Of Ayurveda
Complete Sex Guide
Leadership qualities
Bias-less compassion,
innate ability to identify and appreciate special skills of the group members,
Leading by example
Having a vision for the future
I think, these four very essential qualities of the leader

Ensuring growth
While lecturing, I try my level best to impart noble qualities in the students, apart from educating them.
I read biographies of the great leaders – like Swami Vivekananda, Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Steve Jobs, Mahathma Gandhi.
I attend spiritual programs so as to develop compassion, concentration, punctuality, dutifulness, patience and forgiveness.

My advice
Apart from being a methodical leader, one should have spiritual angle to his personality. That gives the edge of patience, forgiveness and compassion and intuition to a leader. So, “go spiritual”

Doing things right
I try to make sure that I attend to all family members by giving time to everyone at house. So that I can talk to them and sort the things out and work on priority.
In college, I try to ask questions to individual students randomly, so that it is more of one-on-one conversation.
In my websites, I try to be as responsive as possible and answer almost all the queries that people make.

Influenced by
My Mother –Now a retired teacher, she brought up myself and my sister single handedly. When I was doing post graduate studies, she lived alone at home for three years.
Swami Vivekananda – He is my diety
Dr A Chandrashekhara Udupa – He is my spiritual guru, founder of Divine Park. – He taught me how to lead a balanced life and about meaning of each and every spiritual practices, correct ways of doing them etc.

Handling graviences
I try to look at the issue from their perspective.
I assure that the I am with them and we will sort out the issue together.
If I find any mistake or lacuna on his part, I point it out openly, so that he gets a chance to improve.
I try to come up with action plans and steps to be taken to sort out the issue - from my side and from his side.

Most Important career decision
1. Apart from being a lecturer, I entered into Ayurvedic herbal pharma field. This endeavor has greatly benefited me. In the past, I have been consultant to Cadbury India Ltd and Pure Indian Foods, New Jersey.
2. Developing blogs and educating people online has brought me a lot of fame and success. Every moment, I cherish this decision of mine, to go online and to reach people directly and teach them what I’ve got.

My view on India technological development
First of all, parents instill worker-attitude in their kids. This should stop. Each and every kid should be made to develop entrepreneurial attitude. As if, they are going to become self employed professional one day. Being employed under someone else should only be their second option.
Kids should be given enough opportunity to think on their own, to pursue their goals and to excel in their own fields.
Government should support unabatedly to self employed entrepreneurs. The laws and whole atmosphere should be such that it encourages everyone to start a new start-up.
There is lot to be done on infrastructure issues, here in India.  
Teaching should be improved so that it is personalized.

Family background
I live with my mom, wife and a beautiful 2 year old daughter.
My mother is a retired teacher and my wife is a homemaker.

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