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Ask Dr Avtar Singh Rahi for Advice
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Advice Request
Dr Avtar Singh Rahi
Dr Avtar Singh Rahi

Dr Avtar Singh Rahi

Associate Professor of Chemistry

Higher Education

Brief description about me
I, Dr Avtar Singh Rahi is working at present as Associate Professor of Chemistry in one of the Haryana Government colleges. I am fond of reading and writing. My habit to study scored for me degrees in the field of Chemistry, Education, Management, Journalism, etc. I write Hindi poetry, Plays, Novels, Stories, etc. I have large friend circle but I have few friends. Besides spending many springs in the urban areas, I smelled a lot of fragrance in the springs in villages during child life. I was naughty at child age but not much because of the circumstances and the environment I enjoyed. I like to live alone many of the times because I am in the habit of analyzing different behaviors I saw during day or other times. I am not religious but spiritual and wonder many times when people con not differentiate between the two. I want to enjoy the world by different angle as others cannot think to enjoy. When all tries to blackmail or cheat others, I wonder why they do so.
Ensuring success
It is necessary to make several important decisions about an issue in the time it takes others to understand the question. The process of making these decisions comes from an accumulation of experiences and encounters with a multitude of difference circumstances, personality types and unforeseen failures. Success converts the mastery of anticipating business patterns, finding opportunities in pressure situations, serving the people and overcoming hardships. If I cannot take right and correct decision, it means I am not thinking. If I am not thinking, I will not learn new, recent and decent things. If I do not learn, I will not grow and develop and over time will become irrelevant and dysfunctional. For improvement I have to learn to understand the mindsets of surrounding people, their capabilities and areas for improvement. I know that I am being watched every time and my every move is under observation, so working by examples sounds easy.
My family background
I am an elder son of my parents. My father is retired from the government service. I am married to a working wife. I have two daughters. My grandfather was Captain in India Army. My grand-grandfather along with family has migrated from the Sargodha district of Pakistan at the time of partition. We were rich but partition forced us to middle class. My grand-grandfather was murdered by Muslims at the time of migration. My grandfather, father and other family members worked very hard to come to the respectable place in the society. Although we all have worked very hard but the position we enjoyed before partition is not achieved yet. The sensitiveness and sincerity has become the part of my nature and my poetry. All persons of my family are very sincere, hard worker, honest, god fearing, loving, caring and helping. All are of positive attitude and all are well settled at different places. Whenever they find time, they try to work for the community and society.
My strongest skill
It would be nice enough if there exists a Crystal ball to see what magical combination of qualities; knowledge, skill and abilities I have that may shoots up me towards sky to get the best. It is not easy to look into ourselves and find the better answer. I think ability to communicate is the first and best of all qualities one needs to have. I have this quality but sometimes I feel the need to polish it more. If not exceptional communicator, definitely I am exceptional listener. Analytical and research skills place me differently at a better place as I try to assess situation critically, seeks multiple perspectives, gather more information, and identify key issues. Computer skill adds a lot to enhance one’s efficiency. I also fulfill the society’s demands of multi tasking, flexibility, adaptability, and managing multiple priorities. I have good inter-personal relationship capabilities. I like read and study to increase my emotional quotient.
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
Every person can be a leader but cannot, because we under estimate ourselves most of the times. Organizing our home, instilling morals and values in surrounding people, motivations and influence we put on others, are some of the qualities leaders should have and what about us; we all have these qualities and we are not leaders? Leaders have dreams to convert the world into better place, Leaders know their strengths, Leaders strive for excellence, Leaders are persistent- non quitters, Leaders have willing to stand alone, Leaders are ready for resistance when required, Leaders set examples, Leaders are ethical, Leaders get guidance from the God i.e. they are hopeful. What person does not have these qualities? Percentage of these qualities is different in different persons and if percentage is increased somehow, persons become leaders.
Definitely the leaders of today do not possess all these qualities. They have some different to these- Flattery, Money and Muscle Man. God bless all us.
Initiative to develop a country
Employment & education, basic food security, speedier economic growth, information technology, good environment are the steps needed for development of a country. There are so many issues need to be discussed and cared for better but for better growth and development, nation is to focus on certain and specific issues and should not spread butter all and very thin because it will go nowhere. Education, agriculture, infra-structure, health and info-tech are to be cared first in my view as all other issues are connected with these. Research is the heart and blood for any nation and that should not be ignored. Same technology can be used either to create disasters or to help ailing disastrous situations. Brain drain can never be a problem if policy makers are honest and real policy makers. If they know what policy is to be framed and how to implement that? Administration cannot be the solution of any problem, management only can tell the various possibilities and solutions.
Degree that I recommend
Career does not need degrees or certificates rather it needs skills. Degrees or certificates are the passport to enter into the job. Although some companies even do not care that also, these simply want the honest and skillful hard-workers. Degrees or certificates tell nothing about the skills of the bearer. Certification of some institutes although has not lost its credentials but most of the certification or degrees has lost its credibility.
A degree or certificate provides one an opportunity to learn body of knowledge in structured manner through course assignments and assessment and also provides an opportunity to put that knowledge into practice in a controlled and protected environment. It also takes care that one should not skip over parts that lay solid foundation. How many institutes have maintained the stringent criteria to cover that? A degree or certificate only let one to get an instant network of people in that field and these are nowhere connected towards employment.
My achievements
Success does not come from nowhere. One is to believe in himself and is to maintain positive disposition in everything to achieve success. Whatever one achieve in his life, though it may be small or large, one should be proud of getting that because these are the efforts which have been changed into fruits. Students’ appreciations, parents’ faith, colleagues’ comments, superiors’ remarks, family support and all others’ involvement have inspired me a lot for my growth and development. In teaching and administration, it is not the physical achievements which matters much But it is the emotions, attitude and behavior which calculates achievements and success. When I meet my successful students, it fills enormous joy in me. I am proud of those. Although I have some unsuccessful chapters also in my life beyond my honesty, sincerity and hard work but success means achievements. Every time when one lips my name and remarks better, it brings joy to me.
My role model
A role model is hard to define, because it can be different for everyone, may also be different at different situations. Who my role model is difficult to answer? It is someone you would like to be like when you get older, or someone who does something you find hard to do. They might be somebody who performs outstanding volunteer work. I think I am more influenced by Guru Nanak Dev Ji. He just wants to purify the community or society. Everyone should be away from the misconceptions. He was not attached with any king, brave or any other influential person. He was connected to common man. He walked miles on foot to serve the people, to educate the people. He belonged to no one but everyone was his own. He tried to nourish the people with spiritualism than be religious.
More about myself
My search for something special in this world turned into cycle of frustration as I encountered numerous relational standings and struggles. I started to wonder if God actually cared about me. Whenever I felt particularly upset about my place or position and my nature to be alone, I would sit near the large ponds of water and gripe to God about the injustice of my social life. Knowing he possessed omnipotent power made it seem logical to expect a solution from him. Whenever I demanded that God rush me a solution, he seemed to whisper the question in my heart “Meditation is the solution for your problems.” I valued human love more than God love but God love was more important than human love. I started meditation and that was the answer for my loneliness, search for something. Whatever we depend upon for our happiness will wind up controlling us. The solution lies only in meditation.
Important lesson learned
Human life is not between the birth and death rather it is between now and next breath. The present is powerful, so one should live each moment in full, in kindness and peace, without fear and regret. Tomorrow is far away and life time is unreachable. Whatever sacrifices one made for others, will pay dividends as it the rule of the nature but do not expect in anticipation. Never allow yesterday to ride you for tomorrow because it will be happy if today is good. Failures in life are parts of the cycle and these are just steps towards influential success. The most important relationship for you, are you only. Tongue may tell a lie but actions speak truth. Small things can make this world happier and smarter. Every happiness follows some kind of sorrows. Time and experience always heals the pain. This world is to forget old and create new!
Influenced by
The question is very difficult to answer as I do not think that any one person might have influenced me to reach to the present stage. I may be the hybrid of influences from qualities of many personalities. I got one or more qualities from different persons may be my parents, grandparents, relatives, friends, teachers, wife and children and even students and others. No one is perfect. Humans are always in ever-changing mode. Environmental fluctuations go on changing the personality of humans. If anyone names single person I do not thinks one to be correct. I am influenced by the philosophies of the gurus, behavior of the relatives and friends, morals of the historical symbols and many more. I have reached here in this form after lending qualities from so many personalities. I am indebted to all these.
Thoughts on Education system of our country
India, country of 121 crores people, is willing to unchange themselves, skills and unproductive mindset. Here education does not lift the society or work for the society but way to get government jobs. The actual schooling that children experience along-with poor quality of teaching, weak infrastructure and less pedagogical attention, are extremely insufficient to bring a change. Leadership in India has just become a medium to collect taxes and expand on undecided policies. In rest of the world Teaching is considered first choice of employment; in India it is last choice. How unsatisfied teachers can satisfy educational hunger of students? Education should be first priority for investing money because it produces quality, and only quality can harvest better and not the quantity. A wishful will power, determinative policy, thirst to harvest quality, dedicated behavior, honest & sincere attitude can bring the desired change because it is very difficult to change the thinking pattern.
Important decision
Making decisions in life can be tough. For all of us, those tough decisions weigh heavily on our minds. We can't escape it. It's like traveling down a long, winding road, sometimes hitting bumps along the way. Every now and then, the road turns into a crossroads where we have choices. We have to decide right, left, or to continue the same direction. There are also roads that lead to success, fame, or fortune, as well as roads that lead to seclusion, isolation, or poverty. Loving someone doesn't always mean your love will be returned. Achieving fame and fortune doesn't always mean you'll be happy. There are just too many possibilities when making decisions, over which you really have no control. I met the same pathways I am talking about. I crossed the same crossroads again and again. I got the chances to be rich, famous, comforts, love but I chose the different way. Many times I found the alternatives to be a different man but I chose the path where I am today.
Couple of years from now
This is an annoying interview question. Anyone can be anywhere if luck favors. In India luck plays major role in addition to approach and money. Another factor which play good role is favoritism and flattery. Hard work, sincerity, attitude, honesty take the back seat.
It is a question where virtually any answer can get anyone into trouble. If one aim too high, one might come off as too ambitious and either won’t be around long enough to cover the cost of training or one will threaten one’s own position. If one aim too low, one lack initiative and won’t contribute enough to cover the cost of one’s salary. Being in higher education teaching profession, my aim is to become Vice-Chancellor of a university and then the Chairman of the University Grants Commission. I am fully eligible to occupy the posts. I may get the chance to serve the nation in this way. As I am teaching in a college, at least I can dream for the principal post.
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