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Ask Dorai S Shatish for Advice
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Dorai S Shatish
Dorai S Shatish

Dorai S Shatish

Executive (Procurement) Construction Industry


Couple of years from now
I found on my progress against the hardwork and effort shown all this years the result for the experience gained by me was awesome and interested to learn more and get more assignment to prove my ability. Being a non technical candidate and competating with the technical team and proving the ability was really challenging. I love it.
My family background
I am a single and like to be single.
Thoughts on Education system of our country
Education becomes a business and most of the Institutes are training the robots not the students. For example there is no a regular class timings, arranging the party's and forced to wear indecent wears. Students once entered in this culture they dont worried to talk to their parents too. Education is to develop the knowledge and we speak about indian culture. Can we count how many institutes following our tradiational culture or educating the students properly.
We are proud about the ancient educational systems, they proved their ability, knowledge with out the computer. Let the survey may conduct how many students can work with out Calculator / Computer.

Present Education System can only create a robot (Aim is money to earn that they will go upto any level) but earlier education systems are created a culture human with powerful brain.

Still indians are the masters but what about tomorrow.
Degree that I recommend
The course for Non Technical Persons who like to update their education to Technical fields must be introduced. We may be well versed with the Practical knowledge but to systemise the same we need to trained in way on which we can present the same upto higher level.
Important lesson learned
First Step may be hard to walk but our enthusiasum with hardwork will make it easy in each and every step our ladders. Spend our free time and pocket money to the child known/unknown but it gives satisfaction to us and save us from other bad habits like smoking, drinking, unwanted chating etc. We can guide for a child to make the future bright and avoid us to leave out life in to a ugly pit.
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
All was there and advised by our elders.
Dont speak Bad, Dont See Bad, Dont Hear the Bad.
Before saying you, Justify yourself.
Dont hurt others.
controll your Food, Sleap and Mind which gives you the healthy life.
Earn Money to lead the life but dont leave money to lead your life.

May comment this all the above are nice to hear but not possible in practical life.

Try to lead as above for one month you never regret this.
My role model
I am the Role Model for me, since day by day a man learns a lot and blends him to the suitable path. We cannot make the other to be hero since we dont know about their second face.

Be true to yourself it makes you perfect. Dont Habitate for anything taste and forget the bad.
Important decision
I taken up my carrier from 18 years and studied part time to make my knowledge updated. The work which I taken i put my all efforts and this makes me proud in every assignment.
More about myself
Its good to not asked about Politics and shown your speciality.
Initiative to develop a country
Do the job with full concentration and learn what you dont know before proceeding. Save the wastage that itself a big savings to country.
My achievements
Still I am in Progress because there is no end to target the achivement......
My strongest skill
I can competate in Finding the competators, Good Negotiation, and try to put my effort for Continous progress in improvement.
Influenced by
My neighbors are the best and its my wish.
Brief description about me
I am happy to say that I am an indian by birth in karnataka, completed studies in Tamil Nadu and Native is Andhra. First Employed in Bihar alias Jharkand then in Capital, UP & Haryana.
All are proud to say their native place but I am proud to say an Indian. I dont have belief in Religion, Cast etc.. All Loving hearts are the Humans and share the same with all are god.
Ensuring success
Faith on your employers and do your duty one or the other day return will reach for the effort taken by us.
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