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Ask Doctor Balakrishnamurthy Seshanjaneya Ramaraju for Advice
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Doctor Balakrishnamurthy Seshanjaneya Ramaraju
Doctor Balakrishnamurthy Seshanjaneya Ramaraju

Doctor Balakrishnamurthy Seshanjaneya Ramaraju

Consultant Surgeon


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Could you tell us briefly about your family background?
I am A Telugu Braahmin , my Father is A Family Physician , A Jyothish Pandit ,and A Pauraanik scholar. I am born in Guntur City , Heart of Palnaadu area of Telugu Speaking Andhra Region of Dakshina Bhaarath ( South India ). My relatives are on either side of R.Krishna as it reaches Bay of Bengal .
Growth Strategy:
With the encouragement of my parents , my gurus , and my wife of 56 years , I have traveled , studied , lived and worked in Bhaarath ( India ) , Scotland & England , Europe , Singapore , Malaysia , and now for the past 20 years both in USA Bhaarath, a resourceful guide resting on my past laurels .
Prized Accomplishment(s):
I am mostly a self made individual , when i most needed I lost my father when I was only a medical student . I stood on my own feet and became the first person in my family to become A Surgeon , A Professor , A Person who lived , studied and worked in UK , USA and A Friend To Many , Enemy To None .
Career Profile:
All through out my professional career I neglected my family , not a good husband , nor an ideal parent as my services were devoted to public service , and now that I am master of my own life I am devoting my full time to my family , wife of 56 years , 5 children , 7 grandchildren and friend to all.
Working Life Management:
I now manage my life in looking after my sick wife , advising my children and grand children , counselling those who need my advice , social networking , traveling , reading , feeling free to do what i want and taking things one at a time , enjoying every day of my life as it unfolds with no worry .
Degrees That Matter:
I have done enough in acquiring degrees as I have in my bag degrees from across the globe - BS , MBBS , MS , FRCS , FICS , ECFMG , Gerontology - from Universities in Bhaarath , England & Scotland , and United States Of America. I am happy , contented and at peace with myself and the world at large.
Done Differently:
I would have loved to become A Scientist , A Full Time Academician , A Life Time Full Tenure Professor , And More Time For My Family and Finally An Emeritus Professor.
Required Reading:
I can only recommend books on biology and medicine .
Job Profile:
I am now 100 % retired with fond memories , watchful expectancy and masterly inactivity .
The Decisions That Matter
To Study More , To Acquire Knowledge , To Travel Across The Globe .
Role Model:
My Father Brahma Sri Doctor Venkata Subbarao gaaru is my role model and He was a self made man who accomplished much more in His 52 years of life span without any support from His family and He was the only member of a large family to have risen to great heights by sheer will power .
Other Thoughts:
I wish to share my contentment , my happiness , and my joy of having lived for 77 years and looking forward to complete the rest of 23 years in the same state of health , happiness , peace , and contentment .
Advice For New Professionals:
Do your job diligently , honestly , to the best of your ability , but do not neglect your family .
The Journey So Far:
I have been made use of , I was rode upon , but have done it with a sense of dedication to my job at hand and loyalty to the person under whom I was working , but myself have never imposed myself upon my subordinates , and I can only say that people who worked under me were not same as I was .
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