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Dinesh Kumar
Dinesh Kumar

Dinesh Kumar

Embedded systems Engineer

Rajasthan Electronics & Instruments Ltd.

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My uniqueness
Myself Dinesh Kumar, I am working as an Engineer in Department of Research and development at Rajasthan electronics and instruments ltd. I have done my schooling from K.V. No.1, Jaipur. I have done my Bachelors of Technology in Electronics and communications field. I am a robotic enthusiast and active member of our institute robotics group zine. (

The one thing remarkable about me would be my constant efforts to put technology for better use, be it through robotics projects, embedded system solution for physically challenged kids, for grass root level innovation such as energy from speed breaker, and spreading technical education via workshops and seminars.

Presently i am working in domain of Research and development of products for rural India to be used in Renewable energy solutions, along this dairy electronics which provides solution to fulfill the needs of farmers and milk societies for automated collection of milk.
Time Management
When scheduling my time, i have fixed some criteria to prioritize things:
1. How important it is and how it affects my famliy.
2. How it affects my career/Job.
3. Urgency of issue.
4. Lengthy task to be dealt patiently or Quick Task with instant results?
Family Background
My Father works in LIC and my mother is home maker.
I have two brothers, elder one is graduate in Production Engineering from IIT Delhi and currently working in BHEL, Bhopal. My younger brother graduate in Electronics and Communication Engineering from IIT Roorkee.
I have a twin sister and she had done MA in English literature.
My Brother in law graduate in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Mumbai and has recently done MBA from IIM Khozikode.
Additional information
Besides actively involved in technical work, i am also part of various NGO's such as GOONJ. I have now founded my own NGO working on empowerment of computer education in rural areas. Site is
Most proud accomplishment
When my team of 5 from MNIT Jaipur got selected at national level all terrain combat vehicle design competition. We also got prize for best algorithm and this event also gained as Young Engineers visitation programme at Lockheed Martin center at Virginia, USA.
About Myself
I aspire to become a successful embedded system engineer. I am applying for masters admission and planning to complete my post-graduation as soon as possible so that I can pursue PhD and later on switch to teaching domain; as a professor, as that would be more near to core of research and development work. I also intend to work on my start up ideas along the way of my teaching career and use the technology for better use.
Favorite subject
Embedded systems and micro controllers. It is my strongest subject as i come from field of Electronics and communications systems and have ample experience in same domain through various technical events/festival and competitions.
Most flourishing college experience
The most rewarding college experience from which i got benefited profusely was to be part of this wonderful robotics group at my institute NIT jaipur. ZINE, is fully student run, managed and funded robotics group. While being part of this group i took part in various activities which not only developed my technical skills but also other competencies skills such as team work, punctuality, working under pressure and thinking out of the box.
Till this date this i find as most rewarding college experience.
Favorite Books and Articles
The last Non academic book i read was on mysteries and science of Astronomy. Its my hobby to know about science behind the astronomy and predictions. I am trying to develop some authentic Android applications which delivers the features of astronomy to users.
Challenges facing by students
The biggest challenge faced by students would not be working hard in one directions, but rather its very easy to work hard on single goal. The tough and biggest challenge would be choosing the right goal. Now the courses are available from ranging Shoe designing to Aerospace, students always remains perplexed and confused about their choices, some follow their peers and some just execute orders of their parents.
Nobody pursues their own interest and most of students are not even aware of the options available. So the biggest challenge in my opinion would be choosing the right path to move on.
Spare time activities
I enjoy reading books, ficion and non fiction both kind. I have recently started learning Guitar also by myself and available online tutorials. Since then my interest in music grew more and i am learning basics of Music theory. I also have interest of blogging, site designs and have served to few clients also to earn money out of this hobby of designing.
I enjoy cinema of diverse range from Frederico fellini to Quentin tarantino to Raj kapur.
I will be found with my Guitar or Ipod or Laptop in spare time.
Career Expectations
My field of study is Embedded systems and its a huge growing opportunity for young engineers. Already there have been many development in this domain and a lot more to come.
Since very long time Electronics Engineers in India have been users of the technology/processor developed out of India but with the advent use of VLSI technology, Chip design now we also have the capabilities to design ASIC and SoC's. So during the next few years besides the application of processors developed out of India, there also possibility to see some Indian players in this field.
View s for better India
Students should refrain from time consuming activities facebook and bad areas of internet. If we could just use that time for something productive or humanitarian work then definitely the participation would be huge and something good will come out of it.
Students should focus on team building activities which in future will definitely lead to development of many Entrepreneurs which not only generate employment but also keep the India leading in field of technology.
Most influenced factor
Being part of robotics group Zine and working under the mentorship of Dr. Rajesh Choudhary(Associate prof. at Electrical Department, NIT Jaipur) has influenced me most with regard to my career objectives.

Sir has always led us believe that instead of following traditional approach a new approach always puts better and may be affective solution to our problems. He has always pushed us to try new things in regard of technological aspects as well as in our personal lives.
First Job Expectation
Top things important to me when i would be looking for a job:
1. Job profile
2. Package
3. Learning opportunity.
4. Posting/Location
5. Growth.
6. Working environment.
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