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Dibesh Mishra
Dibesh Mishra

Dibesh Mishra

sound engineer


My brief description
 I am Dibesh Mishra,a creative fellow by qualification and profession. Currently I was working with one of the International media house MOBY group at Kabul(Afghanistan).I was an Audio engineering and post production consultant here. I have an experience of about 9 years in this media field. I was managing a team of 15 people in our department. I just finished my 3 years contract with the company and decided to move ahead in my career in a more challenging role so left the job and came back to India. And now I am in a verge to join another organization soon.
Challenges in job
The day I landed in Kabul, it was snowing there. I felt the first smell of the snow breeze. Living and working in a place like Kabul is itself challenging. As I work in a media company i.e. TV channel, my work includes going to places to document various social issues in a war torn country. You have to be always prepared to face the worst in those circumstances. And a place where you find human life cheaper than bullets, its always challenging to film the social issues there. In this term I have worked for many international organization like the UN, UNICEF & NATO for their social media projects. So I find it very helpful in my career to work in a multicultural environment with different kind of people and organization.
Job made easy
I‘ve always aspired to be a person with multi dimensional creativity. I have a very friendly nature and adapt to the situation quality, which helps me gain roots easily in any environment. Its my talent and a hunger to do the best amid different situation that keeps me inspiring to do my job diligently.

Upcoming trends
In my field I find media is the utmost weapon that this mankind has got to prevail against the odds in this world. In electronic media field everyday there are new things coming which is making the job easier. I think the pace is slowly catching up when we find media going to the remotest place on this globe. I feel the community Radio and TV movement will surely be a game changing moment in the history of mankind, where people living in the remotest place will get a chance to speak for themselves and directly this will empower them to fight for their causes.

My point of view
Its true. In a country like India which is mostly driven by its middle and lower class people, there is always a general trend to get a job as soon as the education is finished. We have very less research and development labs that too the process is very slow. Most of the talents are looking abroad for their research studies because of the lack of facility in R&D..In most western country its easy to get a sponsorship to do the higher research in scientific development but in India its in vein. The lack of Government interest in funding and establishing the R&D is the main cause of not having many tech products of our own.

My goals
I would like to devote myself filming common people’s life and their stories more intensely in my future. Going to the most difficult places on this earth to work for the media organizations.
family background
Well I come from a literate family of writers. My father was a lecturer and mother is a house wife. My elder brother is an assistant professor at Allahabad University and a writer too. My sister and wife too are highly qualified.

Advice to professionals
My advice would be to concentrate more on work and always hold to your ground. And keep your ambitions alive. Never take this as an easy business and always face the challenges in an actively manner.
Advice to students
I stand on this opinion that do not study for the sake of studying, I mean study is not only to get good score in an examination where many student finds it exciting to be high scorer. Well it is good but education in my point of view is to make someone enlighten their knowledge and spread it for the betterment of the society.

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