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Dhiren Gala
Dhiren Gala

Dhiren Gala

Marketing - Strategic Projects @ Syntel, Inc.

Syntel Ltd.

Important decision
The most important decision that I have made along the way is the one I make every day. These minor decisions in a series are small steps towards making a person i am today.
My achievements
Achievements that I become proud of do not need to entail productivity, promotion, or appraisals. Sometimes the most fulfilling things I do bring little recognition, yield no monetary results, and come without fanfare. And yet, they still mean so much and feel so completely satisfying.

I’d by lying if I said I don’t enjoy growing and expanding through my work, but I’ve finally realized that what I have to offer—to others and myself—far exceeds the fruits of salary.

In a fast-paced, competitive world, where it’s easy to feel i am never doing enough, it’s gratifying to recognize just how much I do to honor the people around me and things that matter to me.

With that in mind, I can list down lot of accomplishments that may sometimes be overlooked.
My role model
I admire all the people who do what is right in the face of great obstacles. The women in famine who find a way to feed their kids, the fathers in extreme conditions who give do everything to protect their families, the person who exposes wrong doing and faces the consequences. I admire all the unsung heroes.
My family background
I, my wife and a son stay with my parents. My father is a retired businessman. My wife being a homemaker is doing a fantastic full time job. And my son Jinav will be appearing grade VI exams in coming month.
My strongest skill
My strongest soft skills would be efficiency, reliability, the ability to multitask and speed.
Thoughts on Education system of our country
Though the current Indian education system has established institutions of excellence like IITs, IIMs, law schools and others; students study only to score marks in exams, and sometimes to crack exams like IIT JEE, AIIMS or CLAT. They routinely score 90% marks so that even such students find it difficult to get admissions / jobs; but we do more of the same old stuff.

British introduced education systems in India to create clerks and civil servants, and we have not deviated much from that pattern till today. If once the youngsters prepared en masse for civil services and bank officers exams, they now prepare to become engineer, doctor, CA, MBA.

Focusing on skill based education; rewarding creativity, original thinking, research & innovation; technology based education; personalized education could be some of the measures to be taken into consideration to improve quality.
Brief description about me
Dhiren Gala is a marketing communications specialist with a total of 14 years of experience across IT space.
Important lesson learned
In my life, I have learnt that there is no way of controlling what others say and do, however I can only control my reaction. I might not be able to change my circumstances in life, but I can certainly change my attitude. People need to feel loved. Show others you love and respect them always.

Lastly, always laugh and smile, especially in sad situations (sadness will go one day) and never loose hope.
Ensuring success
Continue learning and adapting to new circumstances helps ensure that I continue to grow and develop in life.
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
Focusing on own strengths, become a role model for others and developing trust and integrity are few of the essential qualities a person require to become a successful leader.
Couple of years from now
I want to be a position where my contribution towards growth of company is more clearly visible to me and others.
Influenced by
All people whom i meet across a routine day, i get to learn from everyone. All small or big things from each individual. Every one of them has atleast one thing for you to learn. Observe, identify and adapt.
Initiative to develop a country
Professionals in their wealth creation always apart from individual benefit can do something to ensure there is at least one benefit to the country growth. Identify the weak areas convert them as positive growth opportunity for you as professional and for the country. Here Country can be substituted as state / city / village / society etc. based on your role / capability.
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