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Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta

Deepak Gupta

Business Analyst

Wipro Technologies


Deepak Gupta is a member of:

Ensuring Growth
The world is volatile and keep on changing and thus we individuals. We should keep on learning new things. I feel that knowledge is the key for leadership. Whenever I get the opportunity to do something at organization level, I do my best for the organization.
Family background
I am blessed with a son, caring wife and parents.
Team Management
I prefer an open environment where team member can speak out without any fear. It is always good to have an open and friendly eco system where team feel comfortable. Manager should be approachable to team members and should treat each member equally important for the success of the project and organization. However there is no compromise on the work.

These days project teams are located globally, so best cost effective way of communication is communicator available in almost all the organizations. Status update call is also required where each member gets the opportunity to raise concern if any and update the status.
Managing personal and professional life
Be careful in professional life and always maintain balance between personal and professional life. Always ready to accept mistake if done by you instead of blaming others. Spend quality time with family and family should understand that you have a responsibility and should be supportive.
My advice
I believe in the mantra of sincerity and open culture. A manager should be approachable to team and should develop a culture of honesty and ownership. Team should take the ownership of a task and complete that honestly. On the other hand, manager should not compromise on work.
Current Job description
My current profile involves interaction with business users, development team and testing team. I have the key responsibility to ensure things are correct and team understand and develop as expected. I used to have regular discussion with business users and development team. So my role is challenging as a small misunderstand at my end leads to an incorrect solution for users which may spoil my organization reputation.
Influenced by
We live in society of human beings where we interact with several individuals daily. You will get chance to learn from everyone. But I influenced with Mr. Narayan Moorthy (Infosys) due to his vision and thought process. He is a man with vision.

I am also influenced with my Wife due to the decision making power she has.
My views on India Technical development
I do not agree on this completely. I agree we are lacking in software products, but we do have several products mainly in banking and financial sector. But there is a huge scope of "Made in India" software products to make us proud. I feel that main reason of lacking in such products is the mindset of companies operating in India. Companies never invest in R & D and development of a product and then sell in the market, rather companies feel safe in providing the services to clients.

Companies should start investing part of fund in research and product development and try to come out with a solution which will be recognized globally.
Awards and Recognitions
Apart from several rewards received within the organization, I feel most satisfying and encouraging things is that customers are using the products I worked upon, within country as well as outside country.
Excellence in Management
I am engagaed with a Global Bank from last 2 years to develop the credit card solution. Company gets benefit in terms of money as well talent. The knowledge acquired will be used for some other client and make work faster. I also insist team to learn new things and be dynamic.
More about me
I would like to highlght one incident when one of our product was supposed to go Live. Client organized a big gathering of some 3000 people and I was supposed to demonstrate the product standing on a huge platform. Guests from client side includes MD and Directors. Initialy there was little hesitation, but we were confident on the product, so everyting went fine and product was appraised.
Tech Management matters more on
As I mentioned earlier, apart from the technical or domain or cost budguet knowledge, a good manager should be easily approachable and friendly. Team should feel proud working with a manager without any fear. These are human behavioural aspect which one should learn going up in the ladder.
Important career decisions
Currently I am happy with the job but I too have some aspirations which I will disclose at appropriate time :-)
Handling Grievances
A Manager should not be biased towards a particular member in the team. In case of any grievance raised by employee, first step is to look into the issue. If the issue is genuine and resolved at Manager's end, then resolve immediately and if the issue requires attention of higher authorities, then I will try my best to get the issue resolved. As a manager, I always stand with team if the issues are genuine.
Leadership qualities
Leadership qualities:
1. Decision making ability
2. Open door culture - A good leader should be approachable
3. Non biased
4. A good leader should be good listener
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