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D C Sekhar
D C Sekhar

D C Sekhar

Heading AlphaMERS

AlphaMERS Pvt Ltd

Influenced by
There are many who have influenced me.

Late Mr.Kurien of Amul fame - We saw how a large rural population can enjoy the economy and efficiency of scale and enjoy the fruits of reaching the market directly.

Capt.Gopinath of Deccan - Somebody who dared to dream and act on it enough to change an entire airline industry. His accomplishments cannot be captured in balance sheets.

TN Seshan Who told the world what an election commissioner is. Deep in the heartlands of the cowbelt, the politician started walking for election campaign, because his expenses was being tracked. Seshan used his available powers, no one gave Seshan an iota of power more than he was entitled to.

Narendra Modi - For putting development as an agenda to seek votes and setting a high development benchmark for other politicians.

Many bureaucrats who try hard within the system and away from limelight to do their bit for their job and country. I meet them all the time. They keep the country going.
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
Some bare essentials in a leader :

Own up to his decisions, irrespective of the results are good or bad.

He must have credibility in his word and commitments.

He can identify the ultimate goals and priorities, clearly articulate this to the team and not lose track of it in the daily rough and tumble of life.

He must be a better thinker than his colleagues, who identifies solutions more often than his colleagues.
Couple of years from now
I see myself as someone who has provided far reaching solutions in renewable energy sector and environmental sector. Our company shall yet be a company that is predominantly propelled by a team of intellectually strong individuals but gaining a strong presence as a company in knowledge leadership in these emerging sectors.

We have recently filed patent applications in wave energy harnessing and some marine spill response equipment designs. We will take this and our tidal energy harnessing systems towards its logical objectives.

We are very keen that the cost efficiency of India, combined with intellectual property developed within India make India a leading edge technology solutions provider in certain emerging sectors.
My achievements
I command the trust of my wife, respect of my son and the faith of my friends and colleagues. That sums me up as an individual.
Important lesson learned
Entrepreneurship requires limitless energy and abundant cash liquidity.

Establishing credibility in commitments and dealings is a big asset to a new company.

Quality is a systematic delivery on stated and implied commitments. This holds good from the smallest shop to the largest corporate. It takes effort, but is always rewarded.
Important decision
To quit my job at Singapore and return to India.

Not to take up a job and go down the entrepreneurship road.
Degree that I recommend
Management at IIM or other management schools. There is a wealth of knowledge here to learn from other's mistakes and successful strategies.
Ensuring success
Putting ourselves in the leading edge of technology in our sector. Industry looks upon us to be in the know or be involved or be the driver of latest developments.
My strongest skill
Ability to identify the core objectives, core processes and core deliverable. This helps us redesign the existing demand pattern and make it more cost efficient.
More about myself
Few qualifications that may be of interest to you. I am :

A qualified and experienced merchant navy captain.
Advanced marine firefighter.
Hydrogen sulfide gas safety trainer.
Trained and qualified auditor of safety management, maritime security management, environment management systems.
Trained and experienced incident investigator
Done finance management in Singapore.
Done Executive General Management at IIM Bangalore.
Lectured at various seminars.
Written various articles in magazines.
Now completed a fiction book The T Axis, to be published by Patridge publications shortly.
Represent India on International Spill Control Organisation (
Overseen the environment impact assessment studies on a coastal nuclear power plant.
Overseen techno commercial feasibility of waterfront projects and cruise industry in
Thoughts on Education system of our country
Education must be allowed to run as a business where the schools advertise its strengths and performances. No support from the government. The supply and demand is market driven. The examination must be under control of the board. This will work well for middle class.

For the poorer class, the CSR budgets must be utilized to fund schools in rural areas. Education may be also subsidized by government in this sector.

However, admission at secondary level and vocational level must be purely on merit.

Support to underprivileged sections must be by providing resources to meet existing requirements and not by lowering entry barrier.

The curriculum must be amended to being application oriented and innovation must be rewarded. Partnership between industry and educational institutes for need based innovation must get fiscal incentives.
Brief description about me
I have been a Captain of large seagoing oil tankers and that role has largely made me what I am today. The last five years have been the most exciting and demanding period as an entrepreneur in India after spending few peaceful years in Singapore.My friends have asked me how I manage to work in India after working in international environment for many years. My short answer is - Huge opportunities exists in India simply because it is not yet a perfect place.

There is tremendous energy in the country, a lot of intellect and entrepreneurship. Perhaps the risk appetite to new ideas is low and so it the long term national vision to attain knowledge leadership in the world.

I believe it is time for many of us to come back and set up our enterprise here. We earn some good money, a great lifestyle and satisfaction. We also do our two bit for the country, where each of us have a billionth stake.

Just completed fiction book 'the T axis' a fiction about the future 22nd century world.
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