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Charanjeet Singh Bhatia
Charanjeet Singh Bhatia

Charanjeet Singh Bhatia

Vice President - Audit, Fraud and Compliance Group



Charanjeet Singh Bhatia is a member of:

Initiative to develop a country
I strongly believe that even a single person can make a difference and rather than thinking about what others are not doing, one should focus on what he/she can do to improve things. One can start a journey by taking one step at a time, i remember a quote "You don't have to see complete staircase to begin climbing up, just climb the 1st step and start moving"

Don't tolerate Injustice, speak up if you strongly feel for something, don't procrastinate, act now are some of the things i believe in and practice. Where ever one can, one should help those in need and rather than having the biggest portion of pie, focus on increasing the overall size of the pie so that even if you get a lower share that would be larger than a bigger share of small pie. Now a days companies are putting in sincere efforts in fulfilling their CSR obligations and people can use such avenues to contribute to society, it could be in the form of knowledge sharing, provide apprentice opportunities to students etc.
My role model
My father is my role model as he worked very hard and despite of various setbacks including loss in business due to fire, losing all savings, mental and physical harassment during 1984 riots he persisted and ensured quality education for his children, rebuild business slowly and steadily, never cared about what others would think of him as long as he is doing the right thing and during all this maintaining his sense of humor. I learned from him that there's no substitute of hard work, one should never give up on the dreams, believe in yourself, no work is small, take risks and no setback is big enough for quitting.
Brief description about me
I started working in corporate sector in 1997 when I joined 20th Century Finance Ltd at Nagpur, which was the start of a fruitful journey in the banking 881984 financial services sector where I worked in 8 different cities across India, UAE and Tanzania. I worked in functions as diverse as Operations, Collections, Sales and Anti Fraud in cities like Nagpur, Indore, Bhopal, Delhi, Mumbai, DarESalam and Dubai. It has been full of learning and though I was very happy when my studies ended in 1997 after my MBA but I acquired new professional qualifications like Certified Fraud Examiner and passed Certified Information Security Manager exam conducted by ISACA. Best part of gaining new qualifications while working is that the organizations picks up the expenses related to studies.I also realized that i like sharing knowledge and got various platforms for the same in the form of Internal Staff training's on fraud awareness, "Economic Offences and it's cure" for law enforcement agencies etc.
Ensuring success
I believe in continuous learning, we live and work in a ever changing world where new technology, processes, businesses etc continue to affect our environment and unless one learns about them, growth is bound to stop.

One should not settle down in a comfort zone, which brings complacency, I have made career moves & when i felt that i am getting into a comfort zone, whether it was the decision to move out of my home town or move into Sales from operations or move to Anti Fraud from sales.

Surrounding one with people who challenge my thoughts, whose strengths complement mine and always thinking of the larger picture rather than being selfish. During my 16 years career, i would have referred over 10 senior level jobs to others be it in the company i work in or a group company or a competitor company. I believe that what you give, it comes back in some form, be it a good act or bad.
Couple of years from now
I see myself as a better human being, having some more money:-), healthier and happy middle aged man. I aspire to head a business some day either in a corporate group or setting up some business of my own where i would be able to contribute to society in the form of better products/services.
My strongest skill
My people management skills, ability to unlearn and learn new things, persistence and communication skills are strengths. I am not a perfectionist and take my chances be it testing my authority (I once heard during a leadership development course that if one is not risking one's job at least once a year, then one is not doing justice to the organization)or speaking up about my thoughts in a meeting, irrespective of whether CEO of the company is present in the meeting or my immediate boss is presiding.
my experience in sales also provides me a rare leverage as i can relate to the business views while discussing about controls.
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
Ability to identify strengths of team members and match right people with right jobs, collaboration, courage to admit one's mistakes, standing with the team in the hour of need (taking the bullets for the team, when required and shielding them), leading from the front and ensuring employee engagement are some which i have found to be very useful qualities of successful leaders.
Degree that I recommend
For those looking to advance their career in Fraud Risk field, Certified Fraud Examiner awarded by ACFE is a must have. Acquiring some skills on cyber forensics would be very useful, some of the courses offered by IDRBT, Hyderabad are quite good at a reasonable price. India Forensics, name is Asian school of Cyber Law (Pune) etc also offer good courses for Anti fraud professionals.
My achievements
My ability to make a impact in small cities like Indore and Bhopal, wherein I did more business than cities like Mumbai and Delhi was a big booster and it helped in getting visibility in the organization. Despite of not having any prior experience in Fraud risk function I grew in the role starting from Regional manager to National Manager within 2 years, among the very few Anti Fraud professionals from India to have worked in different countries like Tanzania and UAE are some of the achievements i am proud of. I also feel great about the fact that most of my team members have grown in their careers.

i am happy that senior law enforcement professionals in india/abroad and other senior professionals listen to my talks during anti fraud conferences and seminars and i am on the advisory panel of prestigious Association of Certified Fraud examiners organization.
Important lesson learned
Take risks, there are no rewards unless one takes some risks in life. Most importantly don't neglect your family for advancing career. one most important advise i ever got was "Life is a journey and it's not about the destination. Enjoy the journey"
Thoughts on Education system of our country
we should make education more exploratory, most of the schools focus on academics and students end up cramming. We should make education a enjoyable part of student's life and allow students to explore rather than losing their head and heart in cramming up. I have noticed some schools working on this and they try to develop overall personality of children, which is a good initiative. Every child has some unique strengths and teachers should identify those and build on those rather than focusing on weaknesses.
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