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Chandrashekhar N Padole
Chandrashekhar  N Padole

Chandrashekhar N Padole

Technical Consultant/Freelancer

IRDC India

Brief description about me
Being a native of Vidarbha (one of the backward region in the country) in Maharashtra state of India, I completed my engineering degree in Electronics from Nagpur University. After having worked with small-scale electronics companies for more than 2 years, I decided to pursue a Masters Degree from Mumbai University. Just after the Masters, I was a researcher in IIT Bombay, Powai for around 3 years. I had been a full time and visiting teacher in various engineering institutes in Mumbai University and taught subjects like Signal Processing, Image Processing, Probability and Statistics and Multimedia. My one of the recent positions was as a Sr. Research Associate in "KPIT Cummins Infosystem Ltd. Pune (India)". I have a small training and consultancy firm, which is taking a shape of research organization, named "IRDC India" with the help of friends. I have worked on 2 research projects in Europe and currently working on one more.
Influenced by
There are many, who have inspired me by the key strengths they have in their respective areas. Like M.k. Gandhi for peace and patience, N Murty for entrepreneurship, Steve Job for Innovation and Design, Obama for Leadership. To add, "failure" in the life is the one that inspired me lot and directed towards my goals. I hardly gained anything without being failed. Even to get one simple and decent job, I had to go through 100 interviews, where I was rejected. The only option from "failure" like situations is to learn from it and bounce back with strong strategy. Its quite natural to be impatient during early days of career and so I was. But, I learnt eventually that more quickly you learn to have patience and be strategic with future vision, more satisfied you will be, which will make you focus on your work, which will further lead you towards the "success". The importance of having ethics and integrity, two valuable things, I gained from the legends I mentioned earlier.
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
My philosophy of Leadership is based on "See-Plan-Communicate" and wait but don't stop. Now, Leader has to "Experience-Evaluate-Maintain". For any objective in particular situation, get a insight of situation by yourself getting involved in it, understand it and then plan a strategy to be communicated with other responsibles. Now experience the situation from as many dimensions as you could. This will help in evaluating the situation and effect of your plan more precisely. Change or maintain the plan actions according to the situations or requirements. Seems very theoretical! Only Leaders can turn this philosophy into practical. To make it happen, leaders never give up and takes responsibility of every consequence. He knows where to make situation emotional and where to make it procedural. He knows how to identify the usefulness of manpower and use it to achieve the goal. Utilization of available resources is vital to the strategy. Importantly, he has to see beyond himself.
Ensuring success
Yes you need to keep updated and there are two ways to do so. Formal education or need based training. Fortunately, I do both. In today's closed and fast changing world, information is changing and transferring like anything and hence it gets evolved. One has to keep a pace of evolved info. In this competitive world, I do attend workshops, training, seminars and if gets chance, I also enroll myself to education institutes. I have been benefiting lot from this and hope to get more in future. There are lot of training available in internet itself and that too free of charge. Apart from taking technical training, I also take online courses on writing skills, presentation tools, editing software etc. I think learning will never end for me and I believe I shall keep learning as and when need arises or in my free time. I also keep updated myself with commerce and market situations from newspapers. It adds in your preparation, while taking future decision in technical or commercial terms.
Thoughts on Education system of our country
Being a insider and outsider of the education system at a time, I can elaborate quite a precise observations. I have been also closely associated with university in abroad. I was surprised when one of the professor of reputed engineering college from India said that there is no difference at all between HSC exam and BE exam and (I add) for that matter ME/M Tech in most of the Indian universities/institutes. All are so exam oriented and so process driven that there is no need of Lecturer or Professor but tutor classes. Its a normal pattern that if new engineering college opens, whether there is full faculties or not but in surrounding, you will find all subjects tuition classes. Isn't our education system suppressing the need of good teacher? The evaluation system have became mere paper correction system. Funny thing and equally worrying is that person A sets paper, person B corrects it and person C reevaluate. Nowhere in the list is the person who takes care of that student entire yea
My strongest skill
• Project execution, project monitoring and reviewing, Project documentation, Technology surveys, Project Planning, Selection of Performance Measures, Methodology and Approaches.
• Writing Research/Project Proposals (Technical and Commercial), Clients Interaction (Pre/After-Sales).
• Data Collection, Dataset Construction, Data analysis.
• Technologies of Interest: Speech/Image/Video Processing, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition, Evolutionary Computations and Soft Computing.
• Applications: Biometrics, Video Surveillance, Medical Image Processing, Automotive Systems (ADAS, Instrument Cluster Inspection), Data-text-web mining.
• Technology Presentations, Conference Presentations, Research Paper Writing and Publication in Journals, Web and blog contents management related to projects, networking with national and international expertise.
Important decision
My most of the decisions have been riskier always and in almost all of them I gained lot, weather to buy property without having job or taking higher education after resigning from well-paid job or starting up the consultancy without seed fund. In all cases, I managed the things and it worked and still managing. Its satisfying..still taking risks...may talk about them next time..
Initiative to develop a country
I think Indian professionals do very well in foreign countries. There are few professionals in India, who made the difference. However, India still lacks in having personalities like Bill Gates, Steve Job or rather I should say we should not just follow foreign legends but also make our indigenous list of hero's associated with each of the innovative and proven products. Look at S. Korea, Samsung comes in Mind. Think of China, manufacturing becomes the topic. We have to bring some Indian spice in world's techno-market. This is the responsibility of "we professionals" and hope to see it fulfilling in few years down the line. I think, its essential to bring technocrats, banking personals and govt authorities to common platform, which can incubate effectively the next generation enterprises.
Couple of years from now
The short answer to this question is to have at least 20 employees (from 4) in our start-up organization in 5 years down the line. We are positive.
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