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Bhuvan Khanna
Bhuvan Khanna

Bhuvan Khanna

Business Head (Mobile Operations)

Webonise Lab


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The Journey : Early Days to How I Got Here
Bhuvan Khanna is having more than a decade of IT experience. Currently, he is the Business Head (Mobile Operations) at Webinose Lab.He has played various roles at Webonise from being a Software engineer to Business Analyst, to Team Lead and Project manager.
Decisions That Mattered
There were 3 major decisions that I had to take, the first one was to
join a startup while starting my career. That decision defined the way I
look at my work and gave me the freedom to outgrow my peers in a very
short span of time. The amount of learning you get from a startup is

The second big decision came when I decided to join
Webonise over the other lucrative offers I had at that time. That was a
risk I took knowing that the road ahead will be tough but rewarding. As
it turned out the journey has been more fun and the challenges more
real. It’s important to realize what you really want to do when you are
standing at the crossroads of your career.

The third decision was
what transformed my role in the company, when I took the responsibility
of being the Business Head mobile operations at 23. It was tough to let
go of the safe havens of the familiar technology and coding world and
actually enter an alien world of business and sales. The transition from
a machine in the corner of the office to the conference room was
something that required courage, to let go of comfort again and strive
for creating more value and a bigger impact.
Work and Role: Then and Now
Previously I was responsible for development and team building, which
involved bringing in new technologies and expertise in the team and have
the team grow and improve every day. Now, I am more responsible for the
client communication, problem solving for the team, requirement
analysis and scope management, plus design and usability consulting at a
higher level. Outsourced product development is a lot more than just
development hours by a developer, it’s about understanding and
consulting at a very strategic level where the insider inputs that we
can provide, define the success and failure of a product.
Two Years Down the Line
Couple of years is a long time in our industry. Webonise is expanding at
a rapid pace with clients in 3 different continents across 7 countries.
But there is still a long way to go before we Webonise the world. I see
myself personally working on new challenges while growing with the
What I Learnt Along the Way
The only lesson that keeps me on the track and helps me create value for
the clients and the company is to be fair and honest with what I do. Be
it consulting a new feature or interviewing a new joinee I make sure I
am fair and honest with everyone and with myself.
My Advice If You are Starting Out
Start early, and think ahead. If you are in IT then getting a job is not
difficult, but if you really want to be successful than you have to
have a key differentiator. It could be your constructive and positive
attitude or an understanding of an upcoming technology.
Must Focus Areas For the Future
NFC and cloud integration will be the most sought after things in the
coming year. The mobile devices will start becoming seamless with the
PC. And we will see m-commerce becoming a tangible reality.
Do We Need Certifications?
I am not a big believer of certifications, they are helpful to build
credibility when you are starting out. For me the certifications were a
way to learn a given platform thoroughly and completely. To prosper
professionally in IT you need to be a Jack of all trades but a master of
at least one.
Books/ Websites I Recommend
Follow the active tech people on twitter and blogs. Read, Read and read.
There is enough information online to fill yourself up with. For young
developers, I would really suggest reading the Head First series of
books. I am also a big fan of Devdutt Pattanaik if you want to
understand and work with people. Stackoverflow is a heaven for any
developer these days be it any technology. In the mobile domain
superficially the platform documentation for Android is a good place to
start with.
Last But Not Least
There are a lot of alternative platforms in the mobile space that are
fast catching up like HTML5, JavaScript, Titanium and Sencha Touch. I
would advise the young developers to look at mobile development with a
more 360 degree approach. This is still a very young domain and is
itself evolving, thus there is a huge scope for learning and creating
new things.
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