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Balakrishnan Raju
Balakrishnan Raju

Balakrishnan Raju

Project Fellow

Pondicherry University

Couple of years from now
As a Research Scholar cum lecturer. I would write on various contemporary issues. I prefer all the academic activities.
My family background
I have two brothers and a sister. My father is a retired Government employee. He was working as a Line Inspector in Tamil Nadu Electricity Board. My mother is a home-maker. We have our own house.
Important lesson learned
I have various experiences. I am interested in sharing my research and personal experiences. I am also interested in sharing inter-personal and intra-personal experiences.
Influenced by
MY father is a source of inspiration for me. He came up in his life from a vary humble background to the much respected position. He speaks very less but always very active. He is good at handling any issue in which he has no previous experience.
Thoughts on Education system of our country
I like this question so much.The education system of India is in need of talented teachers and researchers. We are in lack of potential scholars. We need more professional workers. But the output of the country, though huge in number, lack required qualities. We have more employment opportunities but a very few qualified candidates. We have to concentrate on school curriculum and college syllabi which teach present generation. Apart from planning with sophisticated technologies we should also improve the administrative capacities of the institutions. We need strong personalities to implement any strategic plan.Technology plays an important role in transforming the dream into reality. Each one of the educational institutions should have modern equipments to teach students and scholars.
Ensuring success
I am conscious about everything I do. I take my personal experiences as a lesson which can not be taught from any institution. I make sure to learn something new everyday. I always consider various alternatives to a single issue. I am contemplating on to find solution to various problems of everyday life. I meet people of various characters. I prefer some persons who exhibit characters of my own.
Degree that I recommend
I would recommend a Doctorate of Philosophy in my subject. A well researched scholar can always shine in any field. Apart from earning a doctorate I would suggest to get certificates on computer and foreign language.
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
A person should have enthusiasm and penchant for handling people. He/she should have multiple character within. They should find a viable solution to everyday issues.
He/she should improve their Personality. They should convince their peers and colleagues to cooperate in implementing their plan.
There are other qualities which help to be successful.To be a successful leader is nothing but attracting everyone in his/her vicinity.Here, physical attraction plays a minimal role. On the other hand mental caliber plays a significant role. We are judged by what and how we think, speak and act. Therefore, right way of thinking along with right way of speech and of course much desired way acting would definitely win cooperation of any stranger.
Important decision
I have determined to see success on every day basis.
I have decided to work hard no matter what my distractions.
I have improved my self-confidence.
My role model
I consider my Professor as my role model.
He has taught me how to increase my appetite to learn new things.
He has showed me how to approach in a polite way.
He has taught me how to behave in a right way.
He had understood my strength and weakness.
My strongest skill
I am quite optimistic in any situation. I found my colleagues trembling to handle any complicated situations. I maintain cooperation with my management. I have flair to learn new languages. I work so hard to achieve any target. My attitude towards stranger has always brought me cooperation. I understand the mindset of my employers and colleagues. I use this as a stepping stone to maintain good relationship.
My achievements
I have become a well read scholar. I am successful everywhere I enter. I have become an Operation Executive of a Job Consultancy service. I have also could become an Assistant Manager of a University Study Center and Tours and Travel Agency.
Brief description about me
I am planning to take research and teaching as my career.I am interested in improving my soft skills and want to be a professional in any field.I would like to learn on various issues.
Initiative to develop a country
They should find new solutions to every day issues.
They should enhance their knowledge on day to day basis.
They should be a source of inspiration to their family members,neighbors, colleagues and superiors.
A better person can become a better role model.
One should increase their performance to get more appreciations and rewards.
Their commitment should encourage others.
They should have more achievements to encourage themselves especially when they fail.
They should produce more followers. They may nurture their attitude and skill to their juniors.
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