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Atinderpal Singh Mann
Atinderpal Singh Mann

Atinderpal Singh Mann

B Tech CSE



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My achievement
The most valuable achievement i have achieved is that i reached this position where i am now coming from a small village and made my parents proud and becoming the first engineer from my village.
My advice
First of all if you want to start in career of IT security you must be passionate about this field and always ready to learn new things and take new challenges if you want to survive in this field. You start with learning internals about windows, disassembly and how things work behind the scenes. there many forums which [rovide very good articles and tutorials for starters. some of the blogs for starters in malware analysis are : and Search Google and you can find more.
Challenges faced in job
In my job everyday we find new challenges, new viruses, Malwares, exploits. Cybercriminals use new tricks in their Malwares and we have to save our customers from them. I am learning new things everyday in future it will be helpful as when i know what Malware or trick i am dealing with it will be easy to handle.
Company and job profile
My name is Atinderpal Singh, Working for Norway based company named Norman which deals with malwares has number of products related to IT security. My primary job there is to do Malware Analysis and Revers Engineering.
Being different
As a Computer Engineer i am working on things most computer engineers never get chance to work on. I am disassembling/decompiling the programs most of the times than developing and compiling as most Computer engineers do. And i regularly get to know things behind the scenes how programs work, Windows internals and tricks used by malware authors to circumvent security measures most of which most programers never come to know in their career. Its very intersting and challenging field.
Current Trends
According to my opinion Mobile malware will be game changing in the coming years. It is growing at very rapid speed. Its still in the early stage but it will pick up in coming years like PC malware and will become the major issue. As BYOD is accepted by Organisations and mobiles are becoming integarl parts of our lifes. people have their etire digital life in thier phones their facebook, contacts, twitter, their bank accounts, so mobiles are very attractive target for Cybercriminals. Other home appliances will also be possibly connected to internet and those may also attract cyber criminals. And PC malware also become more stealth and prone to disinfection.
Goals and Ambitions
I don't have any specific goals or position in mind where i want to be but i will be continuing in this field learning new things and working against cyber-criminals. My ambition is to become well known expert in my field.
Books recommended
I recommend books related to Windows internals, debugging and malware. I would highly recommend the book Windows Internals by mark russinovich, this is the first book you should start with.
Views about 'Tech product Introduction is weak among Indians'
In my opinion most of the talented youth from India is from middle class families and their focus is on getting job and supporting their family. For growing in world markets we need advance thinking and future perspective. This can change with proper education system and changin people mentality. Hopefully this will change in future as India is a developing country in its early stae of development
Managing professional as well as personal life
My personal life is not completely separated from my professional life.Often my friends and relatives ask me to solve their issues related to computer virus And at workplace we have very friendly environment we talk and have laughs during breaks. But still i have healthy balance between personal and professional life.
Making job easier
In my organisation healthy and open work environment, friendly colleagues are very important things that makes my job easier.
My strongest Skill
Broad Skills include Reverse Engineering and Malware Analysis(Dynamic and Static Analysis), Debugging. Skills categorized by tools are OllyDbg/Immunity, IDAPro, RegShot, Procmon, Process Explorer, TCPMon, Wireshark, GMER, Rootkit Revealer, etc. Skills to work with different files(PE(VB,.NET, Delphi,C++), PDF, HTML, JS, Android, Java, etc) and Malware types Worms, Trojans, Bankers, Viruses, etc)
My role model
My parents are my role model. They inspire me who worked hard all their lives to get to where they are. They raised me well and made me what i am today.
My important career decision
When i graduated i got job offer from Norman to work as Jr. Malware Analyst, at that time i did not new anything about malware analysis and never heard of this field.I was confused whether to go for this or not. But i had interest in malwares and hacking kind of stuff. Then i made the decision to take this job that was the most important decision of my career till now and i am very happy that i took that decision.
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