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Ashok Kothare
Ashok Kothare

Ashok Kothare

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Could you tell us briefly about your family background?
I am an unmarried man. As for my parents, well both are no more, no dependents also.
Done Differently:
Not much of difference I feel could make for me. My experience of this life tells me that the choice of the providence always superseded yours. That does not mean I am pessimist however, I know the limits of man in making his destiny.
Advice For New Professionals:
Always remain hopeful of better chance next time. A balance between over confidence and complacence will help improve the future prospects, whatever be the profession.
The Decisions That Matter
My experience showed me that what career you choose is less important. Striking opportunity out side your career often pays off better. So, do not limit yourself to a particular career. May be, your real success is elsewhere! Therefore, Lookout for opportunities even outside your chosen carer.
The Journey So Far:
I have been a self employed through out my life so no comments.
Plans For The Future:
I am a retired man, and now happy blogging on various topics. They keep me busy since I have to do a lot of investigation before preparing my posts. As for next couple of years, well, all depends upon health; I have passed 69.
Career Profile:
If I have understood your query properly, my responsibility is to write accurately on my posts so that I pass on my views precisely to my readers. As for my previous, I was designing machines and preparing project reports, so that was much different from what I am doing now.
Prized Accomplishment(s):
Peace of mind.
Role Model:
I do not believe in such things as Role Model. You cannot imitate anybody and so best choice is, by my thoughts, to develop yourself in the Role Model for yourself by acquiring proper values of life. If your values are wrong you go the wrong way, whatever be your Role Model!
Other Thoughts:
There is a lot to share but not in this limit of 300 chars! So that be.
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