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Arunkumar Khannur
Arunkumar Khannur

Arunkumar Khannur

Chairman and CEO at ISQT

ISQT Process and Consulting Services Pvt Ltd


Arunkumar Khannur is a member of:

Could you tell us briefly about your family background?
I am the eldest son of Mr. Mahadevappa and Sulochana Khannur. I am married to Rekha who is working as a teacher in Kendriaya Vidyalaya. I am blessed with daughter Deepti and Vipin.
The Decisions That Matter
In 1997, I made a crucial but planned strategic decision to move from software development to process and product quality areas. My second decision came in the year 2000 when I became an enterpreneur to focus on software testing domain and played a crucial role in making it a major business vertical
Changes In The Professional Environment:
Software testing has become a major bsuiness vertical and also, field with ample creative and lucrative career opportunities. Software systems are becoming more and more complex; new standards are evolving asking for compliance testing; performance and security testing; test automation are evolving.
Prized Accomplishment(s):
Succeeded in spreading software testing. Authored a book "“Software Testing-Techniques and Applications” published by Pearson. Successfully transformed myself as a recognised international expert and advisor on software testing.Succeeding in introducing new areas in software testing related training
Growth Strategy:
Continuous upgradation, research, discussion with collaegues in industry, netoworking, presenting in conference, contributing in twitter, blogging, newsletter, organizing conferences, delivering strategic talks in different companies on emerging fields etc. It really requires passionated effort.
Working Life Management:
Having dedicated and supportive wife makes it quite easy. However there were challenges in making kids to feel that I am always there. There were challenging moments. But over the time learnt art and science of balancing professional and personal life. Now give quality time and involve with them.
Job Profile:
I am ISQT's Chairman & CEO by role and passionated advisor, consultant, author, faculty, & speaker by profession. I spend most of my time in providing strategic guidance, ideas,and thoughts to my team. My team focuses on executing.In brief, I work for short term & long term strategy, and alliances
Other Thoughts:
Software Testing is really growing in much faster pace than expected. However academia, knowledge, competance, skills are totally in disarray. There is no focussed and collective effort to address it. It requires immediate attention. Failure to addressing them would be disastrous.
The Journey So Far:
Worked for Wipro, Planetasia, Logica, and QAI. Contributed as systems manager, project manager, quality manager, test manager, head of quality-training & knowledge management, consultant, faculty, and advisor. Now organizing step-auto software testing conferences, talks, and forums
Done Differently:
I will do a full time course on softwar testing and plan to build tool to perform remote testing.
Plans For The Future:
I will be world's the most recognized software testing thought leader and test strategic advisor. I will releasing complete book on software testing. I will be part of global software test finishing school. I will be writing white papers, researching on domain specific failure modes
Career Profile:
I was earlier working for company's vision. Now I am building the company that would be contributing in taking knowledge of software testing to next level.
Degrees That Matter:
I do not personally believe in professional certifications
Advice For New Professionals:
Choose the career that aligns based on your passion, always focus on delivering the best, leran from failures, continuously learn and move up in knowledge horizon, have courage to experiment in a balanced way.
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