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Arun Singh
Arun Singh

Arun Singh


GPS Pvt, ltd.


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Leadership Programs in Place:
1-Conflict resolution modol program.
2-Youth Devlopment.
3-proffessinol devlopment.
4-Parent devlopment.
5-Social work service.,etc.
Improving Education system
A good education system is fundamental to a nation and for a nation like India which is growing, it is of paramount importance to reflect on our present education system and incorporate sustainable changes in it, to make it compatible with the global dynamism.
Recruiting new generation:
I have always subscribed to the KISS principle in creating and designing intranet software. I like simplicity and use it in just about every aspect of my life. The same holds true for retaining talented employees. Motivating the younger generation doesn’t have to be complicated. Turns out it can be pretty simple.
Current HR Trends:
Although the selection was a challenge, and I still go back and forth, these are my top ten Human Resources trends of the decade. These Human Resources trends are presented in no particular order aside from the first trend, which has swamped HR the past couple of years.
Recommended Reading
HR Strategies In Place
This is considered in simple terms 'Staffing'
It is putting a policy in place for the following areas:
Recruitement - How do you recruite the best employees?
Retain - How do we keep the best employees?
Termination - How do terminate poor employees? - How do we 'learn from' good employees leaving?
Recruitement activities include: How do we perform interviews? (standardized/subjective) Where do we post? (Ask current employees, job boards, headhunter,etc) What criteria do we establish? (random drug screens, personality tests, etc)
Identifying and Promoting New Leaders:
Because credibility and authenticity lie at the heart of leadership, determining and
defining one’s own guiding beliefs and assumptions lie at the heart of becoming a
good leader. By focusing on the individual, providing structured feedback, and
prompting reflection, individual development programs can stimulate an important
self-discovery process.
Pain Points:
HR can also think differently about expansion through the use of contingent labor. It’s a huge trend for small organizations who don’t need full-time staff; for growing organizations who have spurts of talent needs; and for established organizations who need a more flexible solution to workforce planning and/or need a highly skilled employee for a specific project.
Helping to develop the country
The world is divided into those countries that are industrialized, have political and economic stability, and have high levels of human health, and those countries that do not. The way we identify these countries has changed and evolved over the years as we have moved through the Cold War-era and into the modern age; however, it remains that there is no consensus as to how we should classify countries by their development status.
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