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Arshad Qureshi
Arshad Qureshi

Arshad Qureshi

Co Founder & MD

Password Technologies

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Arshad Qureshi's Advice

Believe to Achieve

Company Profile
We are an IT service provider company. Our innovative solutions in telecom & education sector have helped many companies to improve their business models and supply chain management. Apart from that, our widely experienced team of professionals has worked in almost every sector. Our main source of revenue comes from Telecommunication, education, security & healthcare industry.
Passtech-India was founded in the year 2010. I have seen every phase of the company. I have been involved in almost every process at one time or another. When the situation demanded, I was part of technical team, has been involved in HR & finance, was in charge of customer relations. There is nothing, I haven't done in my company.
Mentors & Advisers:
I was a rookie in business world, I knew nothing about it. But I was lucky enough to have a few mentors. The most important thing, I have learnt from them is, patience and self belief. I once heard Mr. Narayanmurthy saying, "The only thing young entrepreneurs need to learn is, Patience".  And now after two years down the line, I can say he was absolutely correct. Another thing I have learned is, that you don't need a magic wand to establish a successful company. If you have the passion & courage, you can create wonders.
Setting up a company in a small city like Indore, has its own advantages and disadvantages. You can start a company with virtually no capital investment in a small city, but on the other hand you cannot reach the potential customers & investors. It has been a tough task for us.
Work Culture
Employees are the key for the company's success; you have to keep them happy. I always wanted a friendly atmosphere in the company, a second home for my employees. Most of our employees are young and they blend together with each other to create a healthy environment.
Company I admire:
There are a lot of companies that I look forward to, like Google, Apple, Sony etc. Among these companies, I appreciate Google most. The innovative ideas, revenue models and the R&D of Google is amazing. And that is the reason why their competitors are way behind them.
My Advice:
If you want to achieve anything, you have to, "Believe in yourself". Gather all your courage and passion to establish your company. Take calculated risks, always be prepared for something new.When I started my company I neither had money nor experience, everyone told me, it is a suicide. And the beginning was very rough, we fought for our existence. We have spent sleepless nights in our office, but we knew that something good was on our way. And since then slowly and steadily the situation improved. We still have a long way to go but now we are on the right path.To sum it up I would say, "There is no secret ingredient for the success. You just have to believe. :)"
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