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Anu K Manhotra
Anu K Manhotra

Anu K Manhotra

Founder and CEO

Loyal International Training&Consulting


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Improving Education system
Moral education”( naitik Shiksha) is not imparted at all , In India we teach students that “Education = Money ”,child is taught from a very young age that if you want to earn good, you shall study good ,teachers also promote same idea,so education will fetch students 6 digit salary ,we also tell them ,if they want to have a good and luxurious life they shall study it will help them to maintain a good standard so study is shown as a way to achieve all the materialistic and worldly goals it has nothing to do with wisdom and independence. let us first understand ourselves what education, knowledge and wisdom is ,only then will our future generation will respect it .Education sector, in the name of privatization offers, high standard education, AC classrooms, hi tech-nology teaching methods, but more than this, it creates a huge divide amongst the students. the divide of Money, it clearly shows only rich parent’s children can afford this level of education, other students who, go t
Identifying and Promoting New Leaders:
People who believe in being Innovative,dynamic & holds clear vision will certainly be the pacemakers and these qualities itself will promote them to next level.However good working environment is needed ,where people with such qualities can flourish.
Leadership Programs in Place:
Many LDP are held by training firms and the results are positive however continuous training is required as this is a dynamic process
Helping to develop the country
, we shall not restrict ourselves to the payment of fees, but to indulge completely to understand the way education is fed to our kids, let’s be more involved in its improvement rather than just criticizing its grey areas, let us see the Parents teachers meet as a platform to give new life to innovative ideas in the field of education for better tomorrow.AS a professional or a citizen , why dont we take resonsibility of the area where we live an start giving not just education but also value and moral education
Attract good people, Retain Better Performers and Advance the Best:
By giving them the platform to display their skills, they will be happpy if they get the right latform n right job ,then making them wrk on their strengths olishing it till they become master of it this is how good will become best n trng plays a major role
HR Strategies In Place
Treating Humans as invaluable resources and giving them the full focus in a way pampering n getting the wrk done
Apraisal sysytem
training on soft skills
Pain Points:
when HR wrks as only front face of management it becomes biggest pain area as a true HR we should wrk with n for both Management n employees
Recruiting new generation:
interview questions plays a vital role asking right question will help us know the candidate better n we at emug joint venture of BE aerospace has wonderful questtionaire.we have really ambitious candidates n we make them ambitious by charting out their career graph
Current HR Trends:
HR is now seen as the most imp partner a strategic partner of Managemnt so complete understanding of strategic planning with management is essential
Advice For Fellow HR Leaders:
Please take HR seriously sorry to say but many girls take it up n waste full time using HR info as a fodder for gossip
Recommended Reading
be open to all if u really need to be at the top
HR Challenges:
failing to plan for changes
lack of vision n clarity
no proper communication with managemnegt
Qualities that we Look For While Hiring:
open to learn ,adjust n adapt
understand the firm and its policies respect it and suggest if any improvement is needed
and very imp to understan process ownership
Relationship with HR and Top Management
business partners
Parting Thoughts
in india please offer the flexi work hours to mothers they too have great potential if they can contribute by working from home for some years we shall use their talent we are really multi talented
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