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Anil Kumar Gupta
Anil Kumar Gupta

Anil Kumar Gupta

Testing and SQA Management

ATOS (HP Group Company)


Anil Kumar Gupta is a member of:

Could you tell us briefly about your family background?
Mr. Anil Kumar Gupta born in a medium class family in Jodhpur Rajasthan. His father served Govt of Rajasthan. His mother is housewife. He is married with Advocate Bhawana. Today he is father of 2 sons.
Parting thoughts
I am a born QA guy. I can apply my skills even beyond s/w. I am helping my wife by providing QA insights in understanding case history for legal cases. Recently I challenged a leading doctor who diagnosed my son's eyes as ROP disease. Using my QA aptitude I could made it, doctor proved wrong.
Tech trends to watch out for
Testing is an umbrella for many technology. For example when you are testing cloud based system, you should know cloud technology, when you are testing SOA based system, you should know SOA. All latest technologies are in my radar. This is one of the secrete of my success.
Most Important Lessons
1. Testing is a mix of science and art. People should focus on both. Only theory cannot help here.

2. To grow faster in Testing, You need to have attitude for a tester. Many times I recruit testers based upon only attitude.

3. Work for work and not for EGO e.g. Report issue to help not to defeat.
The Journey So Far
Started career journey as web developer. Soon I identified that I am a good guy in development but best guy in testing. Changed career stream to testing after 3 years of career journey.

Established QA & Testing practice (in 2004)at India's then largest MBS solution provider i.e. Euroinfo Systems
Required Reading
I believe testing requires attitude which cannot be taught in universities. Rather than just referring to books, websites etc, it is better to have a mentor. SiliconIndia's mentorship facility can be of great help.
Most Important Decisions
Changing the career stream from Web development to Software Testing despite good performance in Web development.

Decision to write my first publication also helped me a lot to establish my credibility in the industry.
A Fine Balance:
Some of the best practices we need to follow. Some examples

1. Make family members part in the reward for success. E.g. When I get the royalty for my book, I spend a part of it for the joy of family.

2. Learn to say NO, Learn to delegate the tasks, Learn to work with Team.
Currently working at
Currently rolling out CMMI for Middle East's largest IT house i.e. Natinal Information Centre in Saudi Arabia.

Developing new competencies in Testing Center of Excellence

Also working as Software Portfolio Manager as Adhoc responsibility.
Degrees that Matter
the best help can be from mentors by knowledge sharing from their practical experience. You can go for SiliconIndia's mentorship facility.
Areas for the Future
Test Automation, Cloud Testing, SOA Testing, Testing in virtualized environment
Essential Advice
1. Have an honest evaluation of your attitude for the testing which includes 1. Testing attitude, tenacity, surviving in a thankless job, ability to work in ever squeezing schedules etc

2. Have one or two mentors

3. Discuss your practical learning in a friend of tes engineers outside your company
Plans for the Future
As Industry think tank to shape future for the software testing industry.

Would like to help entry level professionals to spread knowledge

Would like to redefine some of the testing practices.
Changes in the industry
When I started my career, the use of testing tools were minimal. Even for defect management, people used to use the excel sheet. Trend is now shifted up to great extend now.

Earlier people used to consider testing as inferior work stream, now a days is is getting respect.
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