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Anantha Krishnan
Anantha Krishnan

Anantha Krishnan

council and Mgt consultant

Religare Enterprises


Anantha Krishnan is a member of:

Brief description about me
a mamagement graduate in 1974, started my career in Banking and financial service industry and worked for 36 years in leading Banks, Mutual funds,Insurance companies, financial publications and media, invesment banking and broking houses. Currently aged 61, lives in India and am a cosultant council to one of the leading Global management consultants.
Have extensive knowledge on banking and financial services globally and have traveled to many parts of the world on such assignments. Has also been a visiting faculty at leading business schools in India and have written various publications an articles on the concerned subjects
Ensuring success
I am currently advising corporate and individuals on investments and savings and am enriching myself by actively participating with these people regularly, besides spending my time in reading latest trends in these lines. Besides my travel globally and addressing and interacting with all types of people help me to regenerate and kindle up my knowledge with the latest developments
More about myself
I am now trying to synchronize management principles with yoga and also with Indian ethics and am developing some tools on it. I am also trying to streamline the youths of today to think of future in the right manner

Secondly success comes with risk and I took a big risk by moving out of a cozy government type of a job to a highly demanding, taxing and increased pay job in a private sector. And this happened 25 years back when there were selected big private companies in India. That risk rewarded me in learning and in earning. Therefore, I feel that taking risks and being innovative rewards you at the end
Thoughts on Education system of our country
Frankly, education in India has two drawbacks (1) insufficiency and (2) commercialization. The knowledge level of an Indian is second to none. But in the earlier days poverty played a pivotal role in getting a good education for a person and the although the education level was good and honest, it was available to the selected few. Later, when the govt concentrated on education and improved it ( it has not reached the optimum level still) it became a commercial business used by the rich and politicians and it has become a money spinner now. As a restlt, there is a dearth of quality in education. Indeed, exceptions are there like IIMs and IITs + reputed institutions that have been doing the service in a Noble way right from the past days. But they are just a handful

To overcome this we need to bring in FDI in education sector and privatise education under corporate sector
Important lesson learned
Yes- I can share a lot - but all put into one it can be summarized as-"nothing lies in our hands" we keep going and growing and in this process we must learn,equip and develop ourselves
I can give examples of each part of my life with a personal experience ;l but will reserve it for a personal talk and advise as of now

suffice to say that as extrovert and a dynamic executive, I have learnt lessons how to be and how not to be,too
My role model
well-I had two role models- one when I was young and when I was in my late 30s, the other

when I was young I used to see an army colonel( friends father) and he was my role model for discipline, appearence, gait,talking,having people around him and listning to him. I wanted to be an army officer but landed up in a Bank. However I was able to accompolish some of the above said virtues thro him

when I was 38, I could see my CEO who was just 45 and was managing a corporate emire very talentfully. He was co-operative boss,well admired for all his skills, a leader and also a human being. He inspired me a lot and by moving with him I learn a lot and I feel that I imitated him too in my later years.

In addition I have some leaders like Mr.Ratan Tata, Mr,Sridharan (IAS) (of Delhi Metro and Konkan Railways) who did not talk but performed exceptionally well and had a foresight
Influenced by
Of course my family members played an influential role in my life- but from outside, it was Dhirubhai Ambani of Reliance group with whom I worked closely for 2 years inspired me a lot. It was because I did not . agree with some of his decisions at a point of time and had opposite views in a management committee meeting. Later after 5 years his decision taken proved to be the right I felt that "one does not get recognition just by a chance"
Couple of years from now
well- in the same place visiting various countries and addressing and advising people and talking to those people who will be interested in learning from my mistakes.

I am also visiting silicon valley during the last quarter of this year

and I feel that my experience shared with the younger ones will help them to develop themselves and help in furtherance of my country India
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
No-1:- Honesty
No-2:- sincerity
No-3:- friendly
Mo-4:- an attitude to hear and learn
No-5:- Team builder
No-6:- analytic and a visualizer
No-7:- Forthright and be an example from the front
My achievements
well I achieved my position, performance,developments and contacts in all areas where I wanted to and now I am happy about it and want to share with others the way how I could do it and mobilise more successful people.
In short I am a contended man now
My strongest skill
leadership qualities coupled with hard and risky decisions. A killer instinct in me right from my younger days to"achieve"- not getting bogged down due to failures-maintaining a personal and official rapport with people-team building and working as a team and fearless attitude towards my bosses and having a profssional approach to them
My family background
born in a family of three generation bankers, I too took up banking as my career.

father was an ex banker- brother a Banker- wife was a housewife- have two sons- first one is in San Jose working for a networking company- have a grand daughter thro him- second one is in India working for a MNC- has a grand son thro him
Degree that I recommend
yes:- one should understand the global and the concerned country's financial market and a basic degree in it is a must. In addition to that one need to undergo post graduation course in the specialized areas of his choice with an on the job/intern training- start the career as a trainee to learn the things and grow up after 5 years by switching jobs in the same industry
Important decision
as said earlier switching my job at a prime age and in the middle of a cozy job.

bringing in a changed look into the team working under me and accomplishing toughest tasks

relocating to 4 places for a successful career
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