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Amit Ray
Amit Ray

Amit Ray


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The Decisions That Matter
Not to join the companies that selected me during CAMPUS interviews. Although I was selected in two companies but I didn't join it and as a punishment I lost some precious years of my career. I was struggling but at same time I was trying to keep muself engaged in one or other way.
Role Model:
My role model is a person who was a handicap with no legs but still he was able to complete IIT and start his own company. I like his dedication towards study and work Though I dont remember his name but the face is in my heart.
Plans For The Future:
I see myself in switzerland. Not settled but on a tour with family. I have a goal to start my own company and have a bank balance of 10 figures. Though I have permanent job as a scientist but my aims are different. I am working day and night to achieve that.
The Journey So Far:
You have to be genius else you are out. In this competitive world you should be very sharp and knowledgeable to be in any field. I faced many difficulties initially but gradually as I became stronger the opponents became weak. I followed this:- When the going gets tough the tough gets going.
Growth Strategy:
Leadership is a quality which only leaders possess. A cat cannot lead tigers. Similarly if you want to lead a team you should be able to guide your team to the right direction. You should be more knowledgeable than them. Spend time with them and remove their weaknesses.
Degrees That Matter:
As such certificates doesn't have value until you have the real knowledge. Writing an exam and getting marks is different than handling a project as a team leader. An average student can do better than a 90% scoring candidate. Try to gain as much knowledge as possible. Certificate is secondary.
Done Differently:
Right now I am a Chemical Engineer but if I would get another chance I would join B.E in computer science. I love computers. Its my passion.
Career Profile:
Currently I am in Department of Atomic Energy working in Designing and project activities. And previously I was in Reliance Industries and worked their in Design section.
Changes In The Professional Environment:
Bit relaxed I feel. I can independently handle projects now.
Working Life Management:
I do Yoga and Pranayama in the morning hours. This keeps me hale and hearty. I am able to manage many activities at a time.
Job Profile:
I am working as a nuclear scientist. I am part of a project started by the government. Basically I am in Process Designing and reviewing.
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