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Amit Kumar Dwivedi
Amit Kumar Dwivedi

Amit Kumar Dwivedi

Digital Marketing Manager

R Systems International

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The Journey So Far:
Well, at the time when I had finished my masters in computer application, the market was full of recession, no vacancies left to enter the corporate industry. Few of my friends also fired from the organizations, so I was really fear from that incident. But with the parents blessing and family’s good wishes give me opportunity to join a small company as a search engine optimizer.
But this industry was not so popular, and people did not favor to me. They always say it is not a good industry why you are working for this, try to change, but I was so confident with my abilities and knowledge. I continued my job with small organization but gradually I did change my jobs 2 to 3 times, 4 years later right now I am working with a multinational CMMI Level 5 company in a good position.
Degrees That Matter:
When I had finished my 12th from the Govt. College, my brother advised to join the Bsc (ITA), and I think it was the turning point of my career. I did graduation and after I joined MCA, which is one of the best degree specially for me because I was from the computer background. So I continued this degree and I always get plus point with this degree. I recommend MCA to myself and got things whatever I get to wish.
Working Life Management:
Let me tell you, scheduling is one of the main components of our lives. If we are not punctual and we are not finishing our task on times, it will heart the whole life. I always manage my time with great scheduling, for example, I spend weekend time with my family and try to go somewhere that never before do. I reached my office always on time and never give any chance to my boss or upper management to angry on me. I finished my task at the stipulated time frame. 10 hours for office and remain for the family.
Contribution to the field
Ok, I will talk about my accomplishment towards this industry, I contributed my efforts and knowledge with the UK based customer and her name was Ioana. She is so happy with my contribution and she always appraises my task. They are offering telecom solutions and my effort work for them, at the time of lead generation, with the help of my efforts they deal with the NSN (Nokia) at $10 million. This was the great experience for me.
Changes In The Professional Environment:
Yes, I want to tell you, professional life is really amazing, in those days when I had just joined to the company, it was not so good but gradually when growth in terms of salary increment come to me and professional friends came in my circle, these things improved time to time. Talking to top management is one of the great achievements for me, before that I never did.
Prized Accomplishment(s):
When I had join MCA, and I promised to myself if I will do job, I would join a multinational company at least, and today pleasure to share with you I am working with a multinational company which has more than 15 offices across the world, including USA, UK, Singapore etc. So I think it is good achievement for me, hope I will fulfill my dreams and wishes in days to come.
Role Model:
Dr. APJ Abdul kalam, is only one person who always inspire me to go ahead. I always read books which written by Dr. Kalam. One more person Swami Vivekananda ji is also motivate me specially whenever I go for the meetings and speeches, I always remember his new York speech which was for 0 time. They had stared speech with words “Mere Pyare Bhaio aur Behno”. The whole crowd thrilled and amazed. These things motivate me always.
Growth Strategy:
To become a leader it is essential to think fast and deeper, It is only the mantra to become a good leader. Right now I am improving myself as a leader in my team because I am managing 10 people’s task and their responsibilities. I always keen to interest on their task and try to help them always. If my team would happy, then I would think now I am able become a good leader.
Family Background
In my family, I have my father,my mother, my wife,two brothers, and three sisters. My father is a teacher and mother is house wife. My sisters have got married. My brother has finished engineering and working with an IT company. I am also married and my wife is studding in masters in bio technology. I have one daughter, she is One year old.
Done Differently:
Yes, this question is compatible for me because I am a Website optimizer, but I am also trying to develop the websites in different technologies, such as Dot Net and Java, which is really challenging for me. But yes if I will go to other field to get experience hands on, I would like launch an IT company with my friends. It would be great way to establish myself from the ground level.
Professional Strengths:
I did masters in computer application, and having more than 4 years of work experience in the IT industry. I really enjoy online information, engagement with customers, dealing over the software products, and support to customers in terms of technologies, develop stunning web applications. I want to tell you specially my keen interest on the web world and I want to stay here don’t want to change it.
Career Profile:
Right now I working with R systems Inc. and my responsibilities are: Website optimization, Social Activities, Digital marketing Campaign management, HTML5 based website creation and optimization, Java script, CSS implementation, research new things online all these are my current responsibilities.
This is different from other job only because of website development is add on in my new responsibilities. I really like these responsibilities and I would like to continue in future too.
Advice For New Professionals:
If you are planning to re-enter the workforce, from the challenging economy, to the use of new technology such as social media, I would like to share my personal experience with young generation, please care to Prepare, and freshen Up, Be Confident and Be Patient. Never feel guilty, always think you are the great guy and you have unique qualities. Respect women’s, respect elders and love with young generation. Hope these small tips can help you to go ahead.
Required Reading:
I always read information online, whatever information is, technology related, politics, or any other. I would like to recommend, Data Quest magazine to get knowledge about the technology and website for improve technological information,, yahoo News, Google News and Always try to read some motivational books for example “you can win” etc. These books and websites can really help peoples to develop our self and also help to eliminate internal punk.
Plans For The Future:
I am definitely interested in making a long-term commitment to my next position. Judging by what you’ve told me about this position, it’s exactly what I’m looking for and what I am very well qualified to do. In terms of my future career path, I’m confident that if I do my work with excellence, opportunities will inevitable open up for me. It’s always been that way in my career, and I’m confident I’ll have similar opportunities here.
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