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Amit Ashok Pangam
Amit Ashok Pangam

Amit Ashok Pangam

Asst manager

Nilkamal Pvt Ltd


Amit Ashok Pangam is a member of:

Handling Grievances
it is a difficult task to handle employees. i have assigned the task to my team
member. I have rotate the task on the monthly basis. Also i have to decide the skill set of the employees. accordingly assigned the work.
Important career decisions
My focus should be on the quality work not on the quantity work. Always update myself as srudent not an employess in the workstation which keep me always up.
Awards and Recognitions
I got best performer & best leader award in the last 02 quarters.
Managing personal and professional life
You should not mix the profession life & personnel life.
My advice
Here are 10 leadership tips for succeeding all around:

Move forward by looking backward. Have you been successful because of your leadership, or in spite of it? I’ve watched time and time again as companies and leaders succeed in spite of poor management skills. Now, imagine the levels of success they could have achieved if those who were in charge had great leadership skills? Or even just good leadership skills? Gather feedback about your management style and adjust accordingly.
Lead by example. Behave as you would want your employees to behave, but also understand that your role is different from that of your employees.
Surround yourself with the right people. Hire for fit, train for skill, and if the opportunity presents itself, hire people who are better than you. Be prepared for the arrival of new hires so they immediately feel connected to the organization.
Stop the blame game. It’s always someone or something that is at fault. But in the end, the buck stops with you. Sure, you
More about me
Stress Management
How to Reduce, Prevent, and Cope with Stress. It may seem that there’s nothing you can do about stress. The bills won’t stop coming, there will never be more hours in the day, and your career and family responsibilities will always be demanding. But you have more control than you might think. In fact, the simple realization that you’re in control of your life is the foundation of stress management. Managing stress is all about taking charge: of your thoughts, emotions, schedule, and the way you deal with problems
Influenced by
think on my younger years my uncle was a big influence on me,i wanted to be just like was only once i reached my twenty's that i realized how negative his personality was,he is a bit of a drunk,he has no patience,he lies,he can be very dishonest.i have steered myself away from these things & am very happy that i'm not like him anymore.i have a son myself & am very careful how i act in front of him,i also watch what i say in front of him because i know i influence him to a certain extent,its a big responsibility to have to nurture him to be a good person.
My views on India Technical development
We are lacking in the education segment. Because we people don't what are our objective to set the career. Traditional way we are following for the education system. Below points indicates to upgrade the system.

To formulate the general goals & responsibilities of technical education.
To adjust curriculum & educational processes to changing conditions.
To develop effective teachers & educational administrators.
To improve instructional methods & practices & administrative usages.
To enhance professional ideals & standards.
To foster research as a function complementary to teaching.
To cultivate fraternal spirit amongst the teachers, administrators, industrialists & professionals.
To bring about effective linkage between technical institutions industry & society.
To award Honorary fellowships, Awards and Prizes, for furthering the objectives of Technical Education.
Excellence in Management
Every employee, no matter their role, whether directly or indirectly, has the ability to significantly impact productivity, retention, customer satisfaction, growth, and your business’ bottom line. But, increasingly heavy workloads, rising stress levels, and lower wages have left many employees feeling undervalued at work. The Society of Human Resource Management recently reported that according to a survey released by HCL Technologies, a global offshore IT services company, U.S. workers said that while rank-and-file employees bear the greatest responsibility for ensuring the quality of their company’s products and customer service, company leaders value them least over management and customers.

It’s important that every employee – from the bottom to the top – feel valued and appreciated for the work they do. And making sure your employees know they’re valued is worth every effort. After all, a company’s largest investment is typically its employees. So, if you’re worried your org.
Tech Management matters more on
Technology management (TM) or Management of Tech-
nology (MoT) is extensively discussed in recent research and
literature. A wi de range of li terature on ne w product development (NP D) m anagement, R&D management, s trategic
management, m anagement of i nnovation, long-range pl anning, technological forecasting etc.
Function of TM
Technology strategy,Technology
development and
utilisation,Information and
acquisition and
forecasting ,Product development,Life cycle
management, Commercialization ,Production process
Current Job description
•Sales budget: working on sales budget & followup consolidation for filled sales budget from sales team.
•Rolling indents: updating Region+Depotwise rolling indent with sales of previous month & opening stock. Also sending to BMSASMS.
•PGA performance: Regionwise PGA performance monitoring & sending to respective BMSASMS
•Focused PGA performance: working out all India level
•Initiatives: Regionwise consolidation of initiative monthly
•Initiative monitoring: Regionwise sales performance against initiatives- updation & sending to BMS ASMS
•Factor: Region + Partywise sales v/s Factor monthly & sending to regions & getting confirmation
•Despatch coordination with plant & depot & discussion with Manager on daily basis
•Forecasting entry in SAP
•Zero billing party list: working & sending the party list to unlock the code to credit control for zero billing in previous month
•Monitoring & sending achievement against commitment of zero billing parties
Ensuring Growth
hink about yourself as a: communicator,

builder of trusting relationships,

person who has a vision or a dream who can clearly convey the image to others,

manager who can follow a project from concept to completion,

responsible member of your organization,

capable and caring person,

person in service to the common good,

collaborator, and/or

any of the many other ways that leaders show up.

Consciously reflect on yourself as a communicator, builder, visionary, manager, collaborator, etc. Think about how you intended to act and how you may have been perceived to be behaving. Develop your insights about yourself and your areas for growth. Being a leader means being willing to continually grow and develop.

As Kouzes and Posner say: “Unexamined experiences don’t produce the rich insights that come from reflection and analysis.” And: “If you want to become a better leader, you need to study your own performance and become more conscious about the choices that you are making and h
Family background
In My Family having total 06 members my father, mother, 02 younger brother & my sweet wife
Leadership qualities
1. Give a clear sense of direction
2. Bring the customer into the boardroom
3. Communicate clearly - inside and out
4. Be flexible but not floppy
5. Take risks but don’t bet the company
6. Build the team around you
7. Listen with humility, act with courage
8. Earn your reward through building trust
Team Management
Understand your role in the team. Work within the boundaries of your role. If you happen to be very efficient in your work and always finish your task ahead of others, as other members if they require help from you. By helping others, you are helping the team inch closer to the goal.
Respect the schedule that is set for the team and contribute effectively towards meeting the deadline. If for some reason, you are not able to meet the deadline, ask for help. Others will appreciate your openness and be willing to help. This way you will be owning responsibility for your actions as well as not putting the team in an awkward position of missing the deadline.
Treat other team members with respect and support them in whatever way you can. In any team discussions, always be willing to give others a chance to talk and express their opinion.
It is always important to remember that you are part of a team and the efforts in achieving the end result are not just yours.
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