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Amir Moin
Amir Moin

Amir Moin

Special Correspondent, Planman Media

Unicorn Info Solutions Pvt Ltd


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Job Profile:
I work for Planman Media which is the media division of India's largest multi interest consulting organisation Planman Consulting. I primarily write for Planman Media's flagship magazines - Business & Economy and 4Ps Business & Marketing.
Done Differently:
I don't think I've made a mistake with respect to my career orientation. I've been growing steadily and I enjoy what I'm currently doing. So I really wouldn't change anything.
Role Model:
I don't look at role models for inspiration. Although having someone to look up to does help you in shaping your personality, but it also limits your thoughts and your aspiration. The best way out is personal benchmarking. Just look up to yourself.
Changes In The Professional Environment:
The professional environment is more or less the same, but what has changed is the economic environment. With India's economy being degraded, opportunities have narrowed down.
Required Reading:
There's no dearth of books. You first need to develop a taste for reading something constructive. My favorites include Confessions of an Economic Hitman, Hegemony or Survival, Steve Jobs, Churning the earth and The Thank You Economy. As for websites, I'd recommend Business & Economy and 4Ps B&M
Prized Accomplishment(s):
There are accomplishments, but I don't want to be proud of them at the moment. Feeling proud makes you comfortable and once you are comfortable, complacency starts seeping in and hampers growth prospects.
Career Profile:
This is my first job. I've been 2.5 years into it. My responsibilities include writing for the flagship magazines, undertaking extensive research, editing and coordinating the efforts of the editorial team.
The Decisions That Matter
The most important decision is yet to come. But for now, I think understanding what I wanted to do in life has made a great impact on the worked I've managed to deliver over the pat two years.
The Journey So Far:
I joined as a Research Associate. Within an years I was made the Special Correspondent and soon after that the Assistant Editor of three supplements.
Plans For The Future:
I see my self doing more of what I do now. So hopefully I'll be an established journalist.
Other Thoughts:
Not really. On the contrary, Yes! You could do well by improving the questions that you're putting up here. They're boring. Nevertheless, it's a nice idea. LinkedIn could flick it soon.
Degrees That Matter:
Yeah. A hell lot of them. But to compliment what I'm doing now, I really don't need more qualifications.
Growth Strategy:
The first few months in a new profile or organization are your make or break days. I worked pretty hard during those days. TO ensure my continued growth, I still work like it's my first day at office.
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