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Alok Kumar Tiwari
Alok Kumar Tiwari

Alok Kumar Tiwari


Clivet S.p.A.


Alok Kumar Tiwari is a member of:

Could you tell us briefly about your family background?
I belong to middle class family. My father is a farmer and my mother is teacher in Govt. School, who worked hard to finance for my and my brothers education. We are three siblings, 1st my elder brother, who works for an US as head for Centre of Excellence, and 2nd my sister, got married 4 years ago.
Role Model
Mr John Case (Ex CEO & President of Electrolux US). I met him during my MBA, he is gem of the person. His philosophy of FAT (Focus, Accountability, and Team work) is impressed me a lot, which is an practical approach to get things done on time in any organization.
Essential Advice
Organization is like pyramid, and Quality is base. Testing is the method to verify the quality. Always keep in your mind that you are the only exit gate, which assures the deliverables are met quality standards and customer's expectations. This is the only career which has 360' view on deliverables.
Degrees that Matter
Understanding of domain and analytical skills is the key for QA & Testing. However CSQT is well accepted certification for software testing across the industry.
Most Important Lessons
Focus on customer, understand their need and achieve the objective with team work. Never assume things, read carefully customer's requirement and ask questions if not clear.
Parting thoughts
You are the president of your work. Do your job with ownership. Your objective will be met for sure.
Tech trends to watch out for
Embracing Early Lifecycle Validation to Drive Down Costs and Improve Time-to-Market:
Methodologies gaining traction include:
* requirements/model-based testing
* early involvement and lifecycle testing
* risk-based testing
* risk-based security testing
* predictive performance modeling
Changes in the industry
Consider the past past twenty years, where software has injected itself into every aspect of our lives, from our cell phones to our social lives, our automobiles, music players and even our cameras. The folks at Xerox PARC call it “Ubiquitous Computing.” So the testing grown-up embrace this change.
Required Reading
"Test Driven Development" and "Managing the Testing Process"
Plans for the Future
The next five or ten years could be very interesting for the dev/test industry. Worldviews are going to be colliding, and we'll be battling in the court of public opinion.
Currently working at
•Managing Operations in India
•Establishing organization from scratch
•Defining winning strategy for smooth organizational operations
•Making sure that all legal, government guidelines are followed.
•Interfacing with Shareholders
•Sharing MIS & updates with Management Board.
Areas for the Future
Some of the popular domains will matter most in future:
-Health care
-Life sciences
-Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI)
Most Important Decisions
Learning key skills and qualification at right time, which helps me to climb the corporate ladder.
Current and Previous Responsibilities
Managing over all country operation which includes, sale, business development, operations, finance and MIS. earlier I was looking in to only one area of business.
Points of inflection
An MBA from University of Iowa and LIFE (Leadership, Initiative for Excellence) program from CIMBA, Italy.
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