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Ask Ajit Ramchandra Prabhu for Advice
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Ajit Ramchandra Prabhu
Ajit Ramchandra Prabhu

Ajit Ramchandra Prabhu

IT Professional

Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.

Challenges facing by students
As economy and technology have progressed in 21st century at a rapid pace, students currently find themselves amidst numerous career opportunities that did not exist in the past. For example, the profile of "app developer" that did not exist till half a decade ago, has been suddenly booming as a career option. For such roles and responsibilities, there is no definite curriculum defined, neither are students given enough guidance to choose it as a career path. These things confuses students as they are in a fix to go with their liking or to choose a conventional career path like engineering/medical/law. Even the basic course of education till 10th std needs quite a bit of revision which is not likely to happen soon. There are absence of interactive platforms and resources to develop liking in different streams which makes studies monotonous and students don't realize the importance of it.
Family Background
I have a family of three, myself - 2+ years of IT professional at Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. and postgraduate background from The University of Melbourne. My father is a retired accountant whereas my mother is a dedicated and interesting home maker.
Time Management
Time is of critical importance in my current field of employment i.e. IT industry. We are trained to always prioritize work/time based upon the severity of the job and the impact it will cause on client's business. Personally, I believe that procrastination has no scope in the world of today where you are compelled to always stick to the rat-race fundamentalism. It is better work on tree-by-tree basis rather than one-shot at the entire forest. I have always been prioritizing time based on how critical the job is and what impression it will leave on me, if left uncompleted within schedule.
Most flourishing college experience
I used to sense great achievement in college times when I was given wide exposure to extra curricular activities. I was the chief editor of an IEEE magazine at my college in the year 2006-2007. Although it was my first exposure towards editorial chief position, I took enormous efforts to make my magazine "Synergy'06" a great success. Accordingly, the rewards turned out to be fruitful and I received great recognition. The exposure and the justice to the designation entitled upon me was of importance to me too. Apart from this, winning robotics and sports competitions also brought equal excitement and enhanced my profile.
View s for better India
"Students are the future of the nation" -- as they call it. Very true. The budding kids need to be given guidance towards their role in administrative jobs and an interest must be invoked in politics, economic policies, tax laws etc. right at the school level via Value Education. Value Education, I feel is the most under-rated subject in school and the curriculum designers and enforcers must make it a point to implement it well. It definitely will lead India to a brighter future. Students are bound to grow up and dislike the development status of the nation sooner or later when they become young professionals in various career streams. It is better to give them a know-how about the nation and its policies sooner than later so that participation could be invoked and an opinion could be formed in their mind right since school days.
About Myself
My name is Ajit Prabhu, I am currently working under the designation of Systems Engineer with 2+ years of experience at Tata Consultancy Service Ltd. I have a Masters degree in Telecommunications from The University of Melbourne. I have been recognized as a quick-grasper of the latest in technology and client requirements within the confines of my professional career. My career interest lies in roles that allow me to make an industry contribution and get recognition as an industry contributor significantly, in whatever industry that I work in. As a person, I do not take people blindly by their words, I have very few friends but have very strong bonding and long lasting relationships with them. I love to read a lot, music will always loop on my playlist to suit my mood - it can be a pick from the genres of bollywood oldies, pop, soft/alternative rock. I am a great foodie and have tried different authentic cuisines of the world. I like to analyze stuff and write too.
Favorite subject
Telecommunications as a stream is something I am very strong in. The main reason being my keen interest in this stream. To compliment it, there has been a great exposure to this subject due to my educational background and my current job profile.
Most influenced factor
About the "who", I don't think anyone is responsible. But about "why", I would like to answer that I am very keen t develop my profile as a Business Analyst in any industry. Business Analysis has been very inspiring to me because of the profile itself. I love to understand well about the requirements of any aspect and implement all possible solutions and designs accordingly.
First Job Expectation
1. Multicultural work culture and no employee discrimination - It makes me feel great about the background of the employer who does not bias in its employees.
2. Exposure - This suffices my needs to be oriented towards the goal of learning a lot so that I can be a recognized industry contributor one day.
3. Money - This is a factor for which all of us work and strive hard to get a great purchasing power and capability possessed amongst us.
Most proud accomplishment
I am most proud of the accomplishment that I am recognized as a great contributor to whatever assignment is assigned to me and my team. I have numerous examples to quote since school days right to the present job scenario where my name is respectful and recognized by my peers and senior managers. This factor immensely gives me a great job satisfaction from within, irrespective of the office environment.
Spare time activities
Surfing the web, music, cooking, reading, writing, travel, technology, sports, social networking, etc. And yeah, in the same order that I have mentioned here.
My uniqueness
I learn very fast, I have past experiences about being recognized for the same. I am very adaptable, I can learn quickly and suit any profile on-the-go.
Additional information
Additional information - I am a freelance writer since past 5 years and have been writing about technology and niche market topics for my clients as a freelancer.
Comments - I am very keen to pursue suitable profile at SiliconIndia and their interest in my profile was struck as a sweet dose of surprise and enthusiasm for me. I have been reading their editorial stuff for quite long as I have subscribed to them daily.
Career Expectations
My field of study has been an ever evolving industry of telecommunications. I have been an integral part of this industry and I have seen rapid and enormous changes since last 3 decades about the changes implemented in which communication is possible distantly amongst individuals. It rather surprises me from how it all started from a Graham Bell invented telephone to the audio/video skype facility that is available to us on even our smartphones now. In the next few years, I can see 4G LTE technology outdated and 5G kicking in to revolutionize the way in which people communicate via the internet.
Favorite Books and Articles
I recently read a book called "Dongri to Dubai" about Dawood Ibrahim's evolution from a local goon to the interpol hotlist which kept me flabbergasted as to how things turn out to make it right for you if you yourself choose to evolve in a hell-bent way from rags to riches.
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