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Ask Ajay Kaushik for Advice
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Advice Request
Ajay Kaushik
Ajay Kaushik

Ajay Kaushik

In Job with UGSI

Unisys Global services India


Ajay Kaushik is a member of:

Important decision
1. Switching over the jobs that too when my performance was never under rated or questioned . All the switches gave me relevant experience, expertise, Learning and I was exposed to different organization behaviors and structures.
2. Changing the domain however they all were interrelated and dependent.
My family background
I have one elder sibling , my mother is a house wife and my father is a retired police personal presently engaged in political & social activities.

I am married to Indra Prabha , who is an engineer by qualification and a certified expert in QA domain.

I have a 2 year old daughter named Iya.
That's it.
My role model
When you ask about role model , I believe in 2 type of role models, one which affects your way of thinking and social conduct keeping in view of the different circumstances we live in on a daily basis in the world where at every step you have to face cut throat competition and you have to sustain not by defeating others but by cooperation, so my role model is Jamshetji Tata and his descendants like JRD Tata and Ratan Tata. They are the true social and business leaders in every aspect which is essential for creating a social fabric of democracy.

In IT industry I am inspired by certain business leaders working for HCL like Mr Vivek Jassal, Asit Das,
When you ask why , The reason is that they talk to the point ,you learn by their conduct in business meetings,they give importance and trust on their people and data made available to them for decision making process.
More about myself
Life is all about taking risks but study them thoroughly else they turn in to issues impacting personal and professional life , however the end result is not in our hands, destiny plays a role there.
Important lesson learned
1.Logic and trust are competitors, so apply them at correct places , ask when in doubt .
2.People help you when you ask about it , most of the people are good inherently so do good , you will get good in return most of the times.
Brief description about me
Any answers here in the interview are not related to Unisys in any of the possible ways and doesn't share any data or information pertaining to processes , security ,locations business etc and the same is applicable in all of the below answers,

An IT professional with over 13 years of experience pertaining to System Support and RIM Industry. During these years I have been associated with niche brands like Computer Sciences Corporation, HCL, IBM and Unisys corporation.
Presently I am a Part of project Management Competency in UGSI as an employee.
My strongest skill
1. Asking for help still not let others feel that I am vulnerable.

2.I love my work.
Initiative to develop a country
1. Improve their own conduct in daily life at home and in office.

2. No corrupt practices to be tolerated having said that it doesn't mean that bang your head directly with the system.

3. Help the needy people to make them self reliant so that next time they won't ask you for food or shelter or basic needs.

4. Socialism is failed term and concept so every one can not be equal , that's a distant dream and not practical enough.
Couple of years from now
A professional whose organization can have faith when deciding about new roles and responsibilities . I don't see that designations makes you a successful professional , for me relationship with my peers is more important and critical.

I want myself to get developed as a more mature better decision maker.
Ensuring success
First of all I have to complete certain certifications relevant to my business domain and then attend the management program from either of the IIM's to get a better though process and time framed delivery .
Degree that I recommend
PMP as a project management Professional and then Business leadership courses from "A" grade institutes or global universities .
Thoughts on Education system of our country
1.Education system in India makes a person learn what's available in books and hasn't changed in last 30-40 years even.

2.More emphasis should be given to practical learning approach rather than completing assignments by coping in MBA/other degrees.

3. A child should be provided a conductive environment where he should be made to believe that career can be made in sports , Painting , academics ,research but one should not mere earn degrees for the sake of self appeasement.
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
1. Leader counts on prevention rather than reaction.
2. He is an active listener who listens from eyes and thoughts as well.
3. Who says "WE" rather than "I"

Rest all is listed in management books .
Influenced by
None, life is dynamic so I took many aspects from multiple people to sustain.
My achievements
None , I am a simple professional whose organizational management has a belief that Ajay can perform in diverse and cross culture environments to deliver on time.Here my immediate manager also has a role.
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