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Ask Abraham Karammel for Advice
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Abraham Karammel
Abraham Karammel

Abraham Karammel

Retd. Contract Specialist

US Govt.

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Abraham Karammel is a member of:

Prized Accomplishment(s):
I served the US Govt office (Contracting Centre, Frankfurt & Wiesbaden, Germany) for a little over 25 years as an efficient official and retired in 2007. The life experience in the really international environment was quite valuable to me.
Role Model:
Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, the long time PM and Minister Mentor of Singapore. He realised the true nature of human beings with all the strengths and weaknesses and devised a political framework in Singapore, to manage it appropriately. Thru that he created a city-state of superlatives - A Super-model for other countries to emulate; but difficult to emulate too.
Required Reading:
From Third Worled to First - The Singapore Stroy, by Lee Kuan Yew. This is not from my professional field, but from my field of interest - socio-economic development.

See also the Website:
Changes In The Professional Environment:
It changed tremendously; I started in an office without computers in 1981. I retired from an office which was fully coputerised long ago and became almost paperless by 2005.
Family Background
I am the eldest son from a middle class family in Kerala; have one sister and a brother. I am married and have two children.
Professional Strengths:
Analytical thinking and logical understanding of cause and effect - incidentally, these are two of the FOUR HELICOPTER QUALITIES, which Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, the former Prime Minister & Minister Mentor of Singapore claim to have coppied for his use from the Shell Oil company. The other two qualities are: Concentration to the Point and Imagination; I am poor in former and better in the latter.
Other Thoughts:
As I felt very sorry about the lack of development in my native state Kerala and my motherland India, I searched for an efficient model of governance and discovered two - Singapore and Porto Alegre city of Brazil. Porto Alegre Innovation in Participatory Budgeting is world famous as 'Porto Alegre Innovation'. Incidentally, it is world's best model of Panchayati Raj. If it is copied efficiently in India's Local Self-government Institutions, it can reduce India's poverty to below 15 percent in 10 to 20 years.
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