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Abhishek Tripathy
Abhishek Tripathy

Abhishek Tripathy

Food Technologist cum Beverage spec...

Beverage Leverage

Important career decisions
Like anybody who desires for the exquisite career ahead in his or her life, I also desire for the same and I am the passenger on the way to my professional destination. I am Food Technologist cum beverage specialist who had taken ample of decisions in his life however decisions were superior enough to work hard for the organizations to bestow them a high quality system but not up to that mark which helped my satisfaction. According to your question, I finally found apposite satisfaction in my Food Technology based researches as the most momentous career decision in my precious life. I, positively, can say that it was one of the most significant career decisions in my professional existence.
Ensuring Growth
The Leader is who holds a dominant and superior position within its field and is able to exercise a high degree of control or influence over others. As a beverage technologist, I hold a satisfied position within my field and I think it would take some time for my thoughts to get influence over others. The Leadership quality is not in the human but in the human's thinking. I am working on the beverage technology to be more time saving and cost effective. I usually work on recipe formulations, plant designing, new product development, quality aspects for beverage industries.
Family background
As far as my family is concerned, I belong to middle class wise family that helps me lot to implement my ideas into reality.
Tech Management matters more on
Today what is significant for the organization is to manufacture a quality product with cost effectiveness and time saving. Because these two factors are really important for any organization for setting up a staircase for attaining new levels of success. The technical manager, who smartly works on cost effectiveness and on time saving with his or her technical skills, creates the systematically workable faculty.
Awards and Recognitions

I have done cost effective operations in the following tasks:-

1.Quality management system (HACCP plans for each product, Food Safety, SOPs preparation, Quality documentation and formats)

2.Technical layout plan (plant designs with best proper product movement and manpower movement)

3.Effective cost analysis for each product variant.

4.Prepared various Key performance indicator for food industries.
Managing personal and professional life
As I told earlier in one of my answer that Human body can not be a leader, Positive thoughts exaggerate the leadership qualities in humans. Either you have a gift of right thoughts from God (We, too, can take parents as GOD)or you learn aesthetically from your regular based experiences, then you could be able to connect the right dots in your personal as well as professional existence. No one can avoid mistakes as mistakes are not the situation where we fail but the situation where we can sail.
Leadership qualities
Being leader is not an easy task but not impossible too. Just you have to believe on your positive thoughts and then see leadership would bestow its power on you.
Influenced by
My parents have most influenced me in my life. They empowered me to get positive challenges and didn't teach me to beat the same but taught me to work hard and win the challenges with the good spirit. They have also gifted me the exquisite thoughts with the help of that I can lead the best.
Team Management
Sorry no comments on that.
My advice
Its not advice but my mere urge to the upcoming management leader:-
To be a part of the system never means we amend system, we can modify system only when we deeply think about it and smartly work on it.
My views on India Technical development
We are not lacking as well. I assure you that my upcoming research in the shape of automatic plant design for beverage industry would help the said industry in very cost effective operation.
Current Job description
Managing production related tasks including planning, control & trouble shooting for achieving the planned periodic schedules, within budgeted parameters.
Monitoring product & pm recovery, line wise efficiency & productivity, maintaining records for every break down & implementation of preventive maintenance and finding solutions.
Interfacing with the Director and production-in-charge for troubleshooting & solving production & quality related issues.
Developing processes & formulations for manufacturing products & establishing process parameters.
Conducting trials, audits; identifying deviations & making relevant modifications to stabilize products.
Suggesting and implementing required changes in process as well as in technology to improve product quality and yield. Also suggesting and implementing changes in plant structure for time saving operation.
Enriching the knowledge base of organization by conducting studies and R&D for product trials at plant.
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