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Abhishek Gavane
Abhishek Gavane

Abhishek Gavane

Senior Manager - Corporate HR & OD


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Family Background
My father who is a IIT Post Graduate is recently retired from a Maharatna PSU as its Additional General Manager. My mother is a Law Graduate and a housewife. I have one sister who is currently working as Manager in a MNC operational in the field of Power Plants across the globe.

My wife works at mid-level managerial role in aviation sector in New Delhi.
Degrees That Matter:
I have hands-on work experience in multiple domains of core Human Resource Management and Organizational Development, mostly pertaining to on-roll and regular employees. However I would be pursuing professional courses on Contract Manpower Management. Statutory Compliance, Labor Laws and Trade Union Relations to enhance my portfolio for more value proposition.
Prized Accomplishment(s):
Gold Medalist in BE-Mechanical from GEC Rewa 2004 Batch, Bhopal
Bronze Medalist in PGDBM-HR from GGSIPU 2006 Batch, New Delhi

Professional Accolades:
Identified as HIGH POTENTIAL EMPLOYEE from Top-10% of the total manpower in JSW
Identified from Top 5% of manpower for fast track growth under LANCO LEADERSHIP PROGRAM
Successful implementation of ‘Passion HR' Forum - Knowledge sharing platform for HR fraternity
Key player in framing Balanced Scorecard for Head HR and Team Members ensuring linkages of KRAs with Top Management at JBM
Working Life Management:
The answer to this is in one word - "To-do List"

I organize my to-do list along with my newly-wed life, as life has now assumed about family activities, mystical developments, pleasure and leisureliness, while work is supposed for my aspiration and professional responsibilities. I manage my time effectively by reviewing job activities, priorities and success factors. Then is to create a boundary between balancing work and personal time; I tend to leave work at work where possible.

And nevertheless, I eat well, sleep well and set aside a little time to exercise or pursue an activity that I enjoy, like reading newspaper with my favorite instrumental music in background!
Career Profile:
Currently I am accountable for implementation and Monitoring the Performance Management System using Balanced Score Card approach. Along with this I am working as a Team Leader for Critical Recruitment, Learning & Development, Employee Engagement Initiatives, Task Force Management and Manpower Planning & Rationalizing.

Previously I have handled Generalist roles of HRD like hiring, PMS, L&D,, CSR, Employer Branding, OD and Employee Engagement & Satisfaction Management. However in the current role, I am putting in more of my analytic skills to introduce tangibility in all HR activities and hence bringing numbers close to the Human assets for measurable performance parameters.
Advice For New Professionals:
As you begin the job-search process, it is essential that you have a solid understanding of your skills, abilities, and accomplishments. Rather than emphasize your academics or employment history (or lack thereof), it will be imperative for you to leverage this self-awareness to articulate the connections between your qualifications and your contributions to today’s [job] market. Your job-search strategy will be to focus on your overall marketable qualities.
Done Differently:
I would have stepped out of my comfort zone earlier so that I could ensure that I was always growing and developing.

I started my career at a wonderful company and worked number of years with the top brass of various Power and Manufacturing industries. While I learned a lot and moved up quite rapidly, I reached a point at which new opportunities weren't available.

I realize now that I didn't advance in my career as quickly as I should have because I stayed where it was comfortable for too long. I now have a commitment to myself to progress through continuous learning and seek a stable job.
Growth Strategy:
Fortunate enough being into a leadership role fairly early in my career, it was important that I was managed by excellent HR leaders, who believed in my abilities and provided opportunities for me to learn on the job. Leading projects, leading teams and managing direct reports while being coached are all ways I have developed leadership skills.

Leadership to me is being able to bring out the best in other people. It’s not telling people what to do its showing people and giving them the opportunity to get it done, this is a skill that as a leader you have or you don’t.
Job Profile:
Aligning HR objectives with Organizational Vision using “Balanced Scorecard” approach
Interfacing with Management and HOD’s for implementing HR policies & procedures in line with core organizational objectives
Providing direction and guidance during changes in organizational processes, operations, planning, intervention, leadership training and culture that balanced the expectations and needs of the organization
Facilitating Organizational Development (OD) plans for enhancing the operational effectiveness
Instituting change-management practices in the organization, including organizational restructuring & manpower rationalization initiatives
Ensure that the indicators chosen are leading to Vision so that future performance of individual and organization can be tracked
Benchmarking and updation of HR Policy Manual of JBM Group and implementation in the SBU
The Journey So Far:
BE-Mechanical with Full Time Post Graduation in Human Resource Management in 2006. Pursuing Dip in Corporate Communications 9 Years of Core Experience in Automotive, Heavy Engineering and Power sectors from JSW, Toshiba (Japan) and Lanco Presently employed in JBM Group (Joint Venture with MARUTI SUZUKI INDIA LTD) since June 2012 as Senior Manager-Strategic HR and Communications at its Corporate Office, Gurgaon. Core believer and proficient in organization transformation through HR Interventions and have extensively researched on HR facets like Employer Branding, Employee Development, Talent Acquisition, Culture Building, Performance Supervision, Contentment Tracking, Staff Turnover Trails and in CSR. Established high level communication, interpersonal and interpretive skills.
Changes In The Professional Environment:
After a very few years of starting my professional journey, India Inc was badly hit with the Economic Crisis (the notorious "recession of 2008-09". Unfortunately, too many leaders and managers haven’t felt the need to focus on retention, compensation, or career growth, because employees have had few other employment options, given the tight labor market. However, we are starting to see the marketplace loosen up and employees begin to look for new opportunities. Institutions that haven’t paid attention to employee needs during the interim are now finding themselves in an undesirable situation with regard to turnover, including the departure of their best talent.

With the economy headed towards recovery, organizations are determined to translate the learning derived out of the turbulent 2009 into lucrative actions in order to ensure promising productive years ahead.
Role Model:
I would have to say my father. He truly is an amazing man, and has accomplished so much in his life, professionally and personally. I really look up to him and admire him as a person. I have a lot to thank my father for. Not only for the skills he taught me and the confidence he built in me, but also for all those unspoken values he helped me and my sister imbibe, just by being himself
Required Reading:
In this i-age, try to be as networked as possible. There is a plethora of professional groups and networking sites available online, join as many you want and as per your interest. I would recommend a few of them:

Siliconindia Network
Human Resources Professionals Worldwide

The Decisions That Matter
The vital most career decision I have taken so far is to decide on for PGDBM in HR immediately after a scholarly academic during my Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering.

I opted for HR out of passion for the subject. Like any other resource, viz machines, Human Resource is also to be well taken care of and maintained for the best of performance. After understanding the significant aspects of the machines, the HR outlook helps me to develop people for it.

Throughout my career my friends, professionals and interviewers kept asking me "So tell me why HR after an Engineering?" If you truly have an answer that will convince you first and subsequently others, then I don't see any problem.

I did it because I wanted to do it, not because I had to do it!
Plans For The Future:
I am driven to be the best at what I do and I want to work at a place where I’ll have opportunities to develop my skills, take on interesting projects, and work with people to understand the missed-out people aspects. I would strive to achieve this by being associated with the most innovative HR thinkers and philosophers of the industry. I don't have a specific plan, but I do know that I want to stay in this field, doing work at increasing levels of responsibility and skill, in an environment where I feel like I'm playing a meaningful role.
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