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Abhayakant Srivastava
Abhayakant Srivastava

Abhayakant Srivastava

Manager - Risk Analytics, Essex Lake Group,India

Essex Lake Group, LLC


Abhayakant Srivastava is a member of:

Current Job Description
Currently I am heading and setting up the team for Risk Analytics primarily in Basel II (Credit Risk, Market Risk and Operational Risk.
Work includes business development across risk for different banks, financial institutions, advisory guidelines for risk, recruitment, training and development for freshers, project management, time management. Client communication to explain about the projects and recommendations.
Concept of Analyst
An analyst is nothing but a father of a company, he/she visualize and analyse those gaps and quantitative/qualitative stuffs which no one can see.You can never be a leader if you do not know "analytics", analytics doesn't mean math or statistics , it is basically capitalizing the given numbers in such a way so that a fruitful insights can be generated which should be profitable for a company to look for a bigger picture.
An analyst is a back bone for any organization. Lets take an example- we watch cricket but the way get analysis on the TV screen how many runs, how, where, for which bowler, who hits what at when, etc. which makes match interesting to watch and understand. Cricket control board of australia have even hired a vendor to analyse the data for their cricket team across the cricketers.
When even we go to purchase a product, we used to analyze many parameters to buy out that stuff, so analysis is father of any business.
My Strongest Skill
Strong convincing power, Strong technical skill sets across statistics and software including business understanding, Strong team and project management skill.
Unique attribute is to make work place easy for peers and reportess. I have strong problem solving and presentation skill which makes me outstanding in front of management.
I have been speaker of different webinar series on business intelligence and analytics which makes me separate from my peer groups.
Upcoming trends
Due to social media, phone, there are loads of data is being generated which can help analytics space to analyze more accurately and deeply to understand the problems and better enhanced solutions.Big data is one of that trends which are emerging into the market and making a space in technology side. Several product and analytics companies are developing their own platform to operate it so that they can sell the best technology in the market.The structured way of this natural source will be as much important as natural oil. Big data is a boon for technology and analytics , only thing is to make a progressive development on this.
On banking site, uncertainty are increasing which resulting risk and regulators are coming with tight and conservative rules, which are creating ample opportunity for job and analytics understanding.
Important decision taken
I always wanted to be a writer cum director however due to family pressure I studied science and doing analytics! Now, I am enjoying because I am learning new stuff, knowing world in a different way and aware of latest happenings in the world.
I had always two offer whenever I applied for new jobs but I always selected start up and growing company as I was keen to learn conversion of non set up into set up, uncertain into certain.I wanted to learn problems and solutions and I am successful in that. I admit that sometime I regret that I might have sit on a big company if would have opted those offers but when I see my learning path and deep knowledge of different new things , I become satisfied.
Life has given me chances, sometime I left them due to my personal ego of doing the work in different way but in future I would capitalize it.
My advice to professionals
I am not yet so big that can advice but yes I can suggest that please respect talents, start bringing grade as per education and experience so that we can stop brain drain. I have seen management dosen't listen carefully sometime and results as a attrition, we should listen carefully the problems as new comers are here to make career bcz they trust on us so we have to listen and provide the best solutions.
India is a big hub and only leaders can make it strong rather only showing India as a worker country. Leaders should connect with country development as a world leader too not only for personal growth only then we can showcase ourselves uniquely.
Qualities require to be successful
In my field success has only three mantra- smart, logical and hard worker.the person should have strong logical mind set, problem solving skill, communication and to understand any domain.We mostally work on different mathematical/statistical software so a person requires SAS/R/matlab etc and mathematics/statistics/economics is required to go ahead in this area.
we need to play with numbers , the better you understand , the more you grow!
More about myself
The only thing I want to share that right job does not come through consultant so start working in media so that everyone can explore the all opportunity based on skill.
2ndly- We should think to revise the salary structure as government always do it in 10 years but we never get it and results an attrition.
3rd- we should clean analytics world as loads of people are sitting without having any knowledge , they just know how to speak , that;s not a good path for future. we should imminently stop hiring such people.
Handling risky decision
I am into risk management so taking risk has been my hobby! I am never scared of taking risk. Let me tell you one example - After my first job,I had two offer one from a big product company HP and another from a start up Cognilytics. I thought long time and I opted for Cogniltics as a 4th employee, that time in the office there was no computer, but I took risk joined it, and got success and now that company is growing so fast however due to some personal reason I left that company.If I would have chosen HP I might have sit some another place but I always do some risky work to feel the success of a building from root.I,sometime,trust blindly after studying a guy and give him strong projects and take risk and monitor him. I might be fail but the way I polish him and take care of his problems and projects, not only project become successful but also that guy become strong in work.
My achievements
I have been first ranker in my 10th and 10+2 , gold medalist in graduation, without tuition appeared in IIT, got gold medals in sports,theater etc. I was best employee for a company and have written many poems and stories.
I have proud on me that I have never got great mentor above me however I have always believed in studied and established myself. There are many things which I have to achieve so this question is still incomplete!
Avoiding mistake and connecting right dots
Hard work,right time management and strong strategy take you away from the gaps. For me, trust on my reportee, right mentoring, understanding their problems and solve them in a wise and sensible ways is the right approach.some times, it happens that there are several issues with management and peers groups, but putting my statement in a fruitful way always fills the dots.
Personally, I always give some one space to execute the thoughts, freedom of thinking and behaving.A dot can only be appear if we show attitude, ego and try to be superior without digging the problems.Communication should be very clear and sometime straight forward rather backing it latter.
Couple of years from now
It's a very uncertain question but what I have planned according to that I would like to be a well known analytical leader in industry or I might open my own consulting to provide analytical services. I am also wiling to write a book lets see if I am able to do that.
My thought on education system in India
I am sorry but our education system has been drastically falling down.Our education ministers are killing the system of hard work, productive mind set, and reduction of quality from top institutes. I do not think to increase the number of IITs and IIMs ? US has only one MIT but in india for politics...IITs and IIMs are like private colleges, they are opening any where. They should think about quality, high level equipment, smart and world class teachers.that is the reason we do not have any top institute in top 10 or we do not get noble prize in science.
We need to include morality chapters also in education, kids have stopped respecting older, and they are running behind money rather some productive knowledge.
There should not be reservation at caste level, it makes system biased and depressed.
Influenced by
Sardar Ballabh bhai Patel and Bill gates have influenced me most. A person should strong in taking decisions and feel patriotism. I think without strong decision and respect for country, we can not grow in ourselves and can not lead country.
His strong decision ability and power to attack in a well manner with solid patriotism make me feel respected for him.
Bill gates teach me that a strong mind set and willingness to do a work can make you progressive. His sacrifices for the poor and society is awesome. He is spiritual and technical. He has shown the path to leaders that a person should be human then a rich man.He has shown to new CEO a learning that how to grow. He is in himself a case study, the more you study, the more you learn.
Initiative taken by professionals to develop a country
We should provide ample job opportunities. We should take care of the poor by educating them, helping them in different way. We should also join top institutes and interact with young generation to tell them about new things happening in the market.
We should also connect with politics to elect a candidate. In think all professionals should get a card so that they can do voting online so that everyone can utilize the vote and better government can come up.
Loksabha should also select some from professionals, a better government and education only make India powerful and developed.
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