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Sheetal Shinde
Sheetal Shinde

Sheetal Shinde

HR Manager

Enlighted Energy Systems Pvt.Ltd


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Taking work seriously

Most companies leave a tremendous amount of human potential unrealized because their people are inadequately developed. Talented people crave the o... more>>
Attract good people, Retain Better Performers and Advance the Best:
The most important thing is to recognize the talent that can accompany you in achieving your goal.
Organizations and people require much greater flexibility than in the past and we have to find new tools to manage these challenge. If an organization wants the best talent of its competitor to work with it, it needs to attract that person and offer him something that is far beyond his imagination to come and join and then stick to the organization.
The imperatives to win the war for talent are-
• Making your Company uniquely attractive to talent
• Building a long term recruiting strategy
• Using experience, coaching and mentoring to cultivate the potential in Managers
• Strengthening Talent Pool by investing in ‘A’ players, developing ‘B’ players and acting wisely on ‘C’ players
• Having a pervasive mindset – A conviction shared by leaders in the company on the advantage from having better talent AT ALL LEVEL.
Relationship with HR and Top Management
Initially HR was responsible for people management including recruiting, compensation, performance reviews, and succession planning.
Today HR's role is of a talent management facilitator-it encompasses communicating the talent management philosophy company wide and knowing the industry competition.
As a HR Business Partner, HR works closely with the board, the CEO and senior management to ensure that they are committed to talent management work. By HR explaining to management and employees why talent management is important, how it works and what the benefits are to the organization and participants, talent management strategies are more likely to be seen as a fair process.
HR Strategies In Place
The key HR strategies we have adopted are- 1. Work-force planning 2. Succession Planning and 3. Leadership Development
The goal of strategic work-force planning is to provide the right talent for the organization in the right job at the right time for the right cost.
Succession Planning- HR play a large role in implementing a succession plan that ensures ready successors for all executive and critical leadership roles.
Leadership development refers to any activity that enhances the quality of leadership within an individual or organization. These activities include MBA programs that action learning, high-ropes courses and executive retreats.
Advice For Fellow HR Leaders:
Most companies leave a tremendous amount of human potential unrealized because their people are inadequately developed. Talented people crave the opportunity to grow, and without it they’ll leave. Growing great leaders means deliberately giving them job challenges that push the bounds of what they thought themselves capable of. It means giving people the candid feedback they need to grow, without the sweaty palms that often characterize these infrequent exchanges.The challenge all are facing is in integrating HR and its insights into the company’s senior management perspective, planning, and decision making. If HR is to be a true partner in the strategic process, it must take strategy formulation and implementation as seriously as does a line manager.
Recruiting new generation:
Recruiting, once seen as a back office function that could easily be outsourced, is becoming a key differentiator in the emerging war for talent. Winning this war requires rethinking key questions around what makes a good recruiting process.
From a strategic business perspective, the goal of recruiting is not to simply hire people into the organization, but to reliably and efficiently place and retain the right people in the right roles to effectively support a company’s business strategies.
Organizations that approach recruiting with a strategic mindset are distinguished by the emphasis they have on Quality and relationships they believe-
• Quality of hire is much more important than speed of hire.
• Recruiting is more about maintaining and leveraging relationships than advertising job postings.
Building a world class recruiting process can take years. It is important to approach recruiting process design as a continuous improvement journey rather than a one-time event.
Leadership Programs in Place:
'Leadership Techniques for Managers'- Leadership development programs help you set goals and visions.

Accepting a management position makes you a manager. Becoming a leader is much more difficult. It involves setting the right goals, communicating ideas, and delivering results. A leader must be able to prudently influence and inspire others to execute a plan.
Improving Education system
In this era of change, our education system appears to be inadequate to meet aspirations and ambitions of the younger generation. Today, the younger generation is different with aspirations and ambitions dissimilar to those in the past, the country’s requirements and prospects are changing and booming and the entire world has opened up.
We have stuck to the assumptions about education and continued to connect it with jobs, occupations and professions. Education requires an ongoing response to life, living values and how to change without giving up on these values and without losing one’s identity. We have adopted and adapted ourselves to a different culture and society, but we also need to be rooted in who we are and seek to provide education to the younger generation instead of being borrowers all the time.Learning has to be tempered with a lot of innovation. There has to be a rooting in the culture and society and at the same time there needs to be freedom to explore the ideas.
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