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Ask Shailendra Kumar Singh for Advice
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Shailendra Kumar Singh
Shailendra Kumar Singh

Shailendra Kumar Singh

Sr. Project Engineer(Manager)

SGS Weather & Environmental System Pvt Ltd


Shailendra Kumar Singh is a member of:

My achievements
I come from a middle farmer family and my father is a owner of small part of land. when i was 10 years old they taught me be laborious and honest. I keep this two words in my pocket and now i am B. tech that come from a farmer family. this is my great achievement. I am laborious, hard working and in office I am Honest.
Degree that I recommend
Yes. I am B Tech.
Brief description about me
I am a Project Manager in SGS Weather and Environmental System Pvt Ltd. I hail from a small village Barhar, located in Nawada district in Bihar. I am married in 2011 and have one children.
My family background
My family is a combined family runs with 18 members. My home sympathy by my late. grand father that be combined and be happy. My family main business is agriculture.
Couple of years from now
about 6 years in this company.i have gained much more things in installation of many projects related to weather areas like S-band Doppler weather radar for IMD. and many more defence related projects.
My strongest skill
Public relation is my strongest professional skill, this only happen when you understand the value of customer satisfaction. Now a days companies are more focusing about customer satisfaction.
Initiative to develop a country
I personally think that before we do anything...we have to think deeply as to whether what I am going to do is going to affect society as a whole and also how it will affect me. If it is not beneficial for either or both society and me, I should not do it.
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
A great leader does not want all of the credit of a company, project or job. Instead, a great leader distributes credit where it is due. He offers credit to those who earn it, and readily displays selfless characteristics. Many times, a leader will not take any credit himself, but will instead credit those around him. To display genuine magnanimity, a person must not be looking for attention to make himself look better, but must be willing to make those around him, stand out.
Thoughts on Education system of our country
Thoughts:- Several children do not even get a basic elementary education.
The rich and upper middle class in cities find decent quality private schools to send their children to. Even in these schools, getting a pass in the exams is the priority, not learning. Even these schools fail in teaching various arts, and in particular common sense to children.Even if one graduates from college, the graduates are mostly unemployable, because of poor quality course material and teaching in the colleges. I have myself seen a number of such people while interviewing them for various posts in my organization.
Compulsory free education should be made available till Class XII.
Alternate education must be promoted.
Important lesson learned
trust people at your own risk
Ensuring success
I am doing hard working and this the my skill and i am confident that i will grow with this .
My role model
My role model is Dr. APJ Abdul kalam Azad. he is my role model. I heard him he comes from a poor family. because of his hard working he make India proud by making Nuclear Bomb. and reached Up to India highest post PRESIDENT.
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