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Priya Nair
Priya Nair

Priya Nair


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Explore inside and outside your work world

Sound background in statistics, familiar knowledge of regression modeling and hands on experience with different data mining platforms is essential... more>>
Sound background in statistics, familiar knowledge of regression modeling and hands on experience with different data mining platforms is essential to kick start your career in a Consumer Research domain.Leadership Management, Project Management, Personality Development, Change Management, Conflict Management trainings help to gain more confidence and create a positive and productive atmosphere in a Leadership role.The above skills helps one to be a better business leader and maintain high quality standards adhere to management disciplines and help achieve world-class results. I would also advise an individual to envision where one likes to be in 10 years. Taking time to reflect on what you really want out of your career and a career development plan is important.Look inside  and outside your work world by exploring online courses, trainings and development opportunities such as product management and marketing, work for sout of the box projects that can broaden your horizons like business networking to incorporate and address operational issues.
My recommendation
Definitely Mobile Accessibility, Cloud Hosted Business Intelligence Solutions.Having the competitive edge in today’s fast moving world is critical to success. Mobile Accessibility and Cloud Hosted Business Intelligence Solutions that deploy business intelligence  tools are gaining popularity for their simplicity. The scalability factor is also key, breaking many borders in terms of any where access using any device. Mobile BI allows for business professionals with the flexibility and security necessary to access business critical information, wherever and whenever needed to make the best decisions. Major corporation are switching to cloud and mobile based BI solutions and the increasing adoptions is further testament to the fact that these trends will continue.
important career decision
Graduating from Bishop Cottons, my career began as soon as I accepted my first opportunity  at Honeywell as a Finance Analyst. I then decided I wanted to focus more on the consumer space where I could make a bigger impact with my skill set. I was willing to step away from a high compensation position to achieve this. Genpact(IRI) was the place where I made the transition from the role of a Finance Analyst to a Research Analyst. This company provided me a stable & happy work environment, it has a reputation & an environment which encouraged my best work delving in Consumer oriented research. This industry was a perfect fit  to my interests and I made all progressive decisions for my career within the company. I handled Training, Projects and People from a leadership standpoint. Before I knew it, I had spent 5 1/2 years in the company and became a certified Six Sigma, Lean Sigma and Train the trainee professional. I'm currently in the process of adding PMP credential to my cap.My career reflects for people to see how a person’s  experiences and qualifications match with what they need.
Profession of today
When I started my career I was too quick to jump at an opportunity. It is very important to understand what your interests really are and identify opportunities that are inclined to improve your chances of success (albeit the risk).Today I realize with all the competition and technology trend a career doesn't always move in a consistently upward trajectory. If you want to advance in your career & have a permanent role that allows you to grow as a person and employee you need to have relevant skill set. Especially in today's environment, where in a career can often move horizontally or even in circles you need to keep up with the trend and technology. Sometimes, the best long-term decision may require what seems, to be a backward move. Today we always need to look at career decisions within the context of a 10-year implication.
I had to relocate after marriage to UAE  and start my career over at an ELV company, an exciting challenge and puzzle to figure out. Being able to make a big difference is the most exciting part currently. I believe that this new position and opportunity would move me closer to my ultimate career goal.

Latest Trends
Cloud based platform currently tops the list of current technology trend. Although organizations haven't fully migrated to this platform - small private but mature private clouds have been implemented for daily operations and transactional purposes. Although it is still in its infancy, the ease of scalability and resource allocation can help organizations to deploy BI tools on public clouds. From a company perspective this platform offers a cheap, fast and less complex solution.Social Networks, Analytics, IT solutions,Changes in market is important because they often are the source of new opportunities and threats. These trends help individual gain a competitive edge. Social Network sites are a wealth of information in today's world.
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