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Modi Ghanshyam
Modi Ghanshyam

Modi Ghanshyam


Symphony Ltd.

Ensuring success
Currently I am working as a Sr. Commercial Officer. My Goal is simply work with organization in Department & Connect with Accounts, Sales Department as a Sr. Manager, a part of a professional team and strongly contributes towards its achievements for overall corporate growth.Also as a Family Member contribute myself for Happiness Family.
Influenced by
Mr. Abhijit Mishra – Business Manager – Last Three year we have very nearly in Parle Agro. He is my Boss also.
Mr. Balkrishna Dave – Account Manager – He is my colleague in Parle Agro.
Mr. I A Lakdawala – He is my boss in Vidyut Metallics last 6 years we are very nearly touch with Family.
My achievements
I have been awarded by Excellence Award in Parle Agro Pvt. Ltd. for the year 2009.
I have been promoted as MIS Executive in Parle Agro for the year 2012.
Important decision
After my Father Death, responsibly to handling my Family & Stabilization's, I have decided to break my Education & joint to any organization for Income Purpose.
My strongest skill
Like: Coordination, Follow-up, Analysis and Maintain Good Relations with others
Checking claims, Maintain sufficient Environment, Respect to others etc.
Degree that I recommend
After Joining Systronics, I have Re-joint College in S.Y.B.come. I have Complete B.Come Degrees with my Professional Life in 2007.
My role model
No any others,only one My Father, My Father is my Role Model, My Father is a very good man for family, Village & Society; after 8 years his death My Neighbors, My Society, My Social Relatives is respect to his Life. For any situation, he is handling very simply. No any presser forward to any person. All presser are handling.

Also, My Mother is my Role Model, because of after My father Death his is Handling My Family in one hand, it’s very hard. His life is Example to all a mothers which is his husband is no more.
More about myself
I have 29 years old, but I have learned experience to 70 to 80 years old Man in my life. For any situation coming for your life, don’t worry, please trackel very simply to the situation, please no aggressive nature in situation are not good. Trust to your family members, maintain relation with your society’s.
Also, most important, respect your parents. Many person not to respect his parents,
Currently very large opening for Vruddhashram & very large the old men & women entry in Vruddhashram. This is very ridicules for our nearby societies.
Important lesson learned
Couple of years from now
As a respective person in my Family, my Societies, my professional relatives. Like my Father.
My family background
My family lower meddle Family & Joint Family. We have 6 member in my Family.
Dahiben Mother 56 Years House wife
Priti Wife 26 Years Teacher in Primary School
Herish Son 05 Months
Dineshbhai Brother 39 Years Service in Reliance Ltd.
Harshaben-Sister in Law 28 Years House wife
Also me...........
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
A Person is very good man for internal. He respect to other person, he handle any situation to very simply. which is trusted person to every one.
Brief description about me
Firstly Thank you very much too all Siliconindia Team for given Opportunity to me a writing my Self story. I am Ghanshyam Modi form Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Firstly introduce to you My Self & Family Background. My Father is no More in 21/11/2005 at the time of I have study in College first year Bcom. Main family income source is My Father Income. No other sufficient source in family Income. After My Father Death all family member are suffering mentally depression because of all are very love with Papa. After my father death, responsibly to growth of family income to me & my mother. Because of my brother income are fixed Rs. 2500/- only. Then I have break My Study & joined as Computer Operator in Systronics Ltd. At the time start my professional carrier. Also My Mother is Very Hard Work. He is Handle My Father Kirana Shop at Bilasiya Gam : Distant between Naroda to Bilasiya Gam 7 K.M. one side. My mother at stay in Bilasiya 4 years.After my marriage, my brother & sister in law transfer.
Thoughts on Education system of our country
We know, our education systems are not good. Our Education system belongs to only profession ways. No any other learning subject, like how to handle family, behaviors, respect to our societies, respect to our languages, respect to our nation.
I have inspire to Pacchim Country to start the above subject. Current situation to our country is belongs to our ridicules education systems. Last 10 to 15 years our education systems are a bid growth business only.
Initiative to develop a country
Firstly change our education systems. It’s not to business only it is a factory to production a good people. It is production to respective persons. Also, Change Mindset to our leaders, terminated to leaders which is corrupted, which is a punishable person, which is not respectable. Also, all are party’s work joint to improve our nation.
After change our leaders & education systems, develop our country automatically.
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