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Khem Raj
Khem Raj

Khem Raj

Online Marketing , Tangence Inc.

Vinove Software and Services Pvt.Ltd.


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Khem Raj's Advice

Keep learning from your experience

I don’t think I am suitable enough to be advising upcoming management leaders yet. Just a learning from my own experience though – You might fa... more>>
My current job profile
I’ve been working in the field of Internet marketing for last 8+ years as a search and Internet marketing expert. I specialize in Search Engine Optimization, Digital Marketing, Web Promotion, Blogging, PPC and Advance SEO Training. Currently I am working with Tangence Inc., an online marketing company, as a Manager – Online Marketing.
Leadership skills
They should be transparent enough that their team understands what’s going on and feels that it belongs. 
Motivating team
Motivating the team is the biggest challenge, so I never try any tricks. When my team is down, I rather simply tell them why they can (and should) take a stand and perform like they once did, and reassure them that they are the ones who can help company succeed and be its hope all over again.
Besides, there is a general principle that many business people and leaders are aware of the 80-20 rule. The assumption is that 80% of your results come from 20% of your efforts. This principle seems to apply to just about every area of life.
In a team as well, it’s the top 20% of your team members that achieve 80% of your goals. So, I always keep those 20% team members motivated and charged to face any situation and achieve any target.

My advice to professionals
I don’t think I am suitable enough to be advising upcoming management leaders yet. Just a learning from my own experience though – You might fail a thousand times, each time harder than before, but don’t give up. Because that’s when you’ll truly fail. And try to be responsive to the environment – that’ll help you grow into a better leader.
Also, when you hire people trust them – because not trusting them somewhere puts a question mark on your capabilities of judging people, too.

Importance of branding
Marketing is differentiation. Branding helps achieve it.
Handling grievances
Grievance handling is a part of leadership. The challenge is to understand the seriousness and learn at each step. When an employee brings forth a grievance, I never let it go unheard. I rather look into the matter deeply, finding out how I can help satisfy the employee and make him/her click again.
Connecting right dots by avoiding mistakes
I love being someone that's approachable and that can be wrong, too. I don't particularly like to think of myself as infallible – nobody is. So, both in my personal and professional life I encourage the people around me to pitch in with their thoughts and intervene if they think something is wrong. I appreciate, enjoy and thrive on that. And make sure that I'm connecting the right dots.
Initiative by professionals to develop India
If professionals break away from the brain-drain phenomenon and stick to their roots and do wonders here only, then we can soon see our country become a developed one.
Climbing ladder of success
It all depends on you! People can only show you the path; what to make of it is totally up to you. Success in marketing is all depends on how fast you run. In marketing there are no time frames for achieving a specific position as in other streams.
I started heading the entire online marketing department in just 3 years of my career, but I’ve seen people getting stuck on junior or senior executive position for many, many years.

Upcoming Trends
Online marketing has changed multi-fold since I entered into it. Now people don’t rely on search engines alone, they don’t just talk about traction and discussion around them in various communities and forums. They ask for ROI and brand awareness as well. In simple words, SEO+social is a way forward and not just SEO. And let’s now come to that which is pertinent and at the same time most topical too: Mobile. It is a path that's not yet been charted much by emarketers, so it'll gain a good control sooner than later.
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