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Imtiyaj Kaji
Imtiyaj Kaji

Imtiyaj Kaji


Ariem Technologies Pvt Ltd.


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Imtiyaj Kaji's Advice

Polish your conscience regularly

Every individual is special and is bestowed by The Creator with special capabilities; maximize your capabilities by helping humanity at large by do... more>>
My current job profile
I am Founding Director of Ariem Technologies Pvt Ltd. I am responsible for engineering the product development. Being part of smaller organization one needs to wear multiple caps. I was instrumental in concept to mass production of RazorBee Teacher’s Aid and Android Smart Tv Upgrader products. Since we moved away from Hardware centric product company to focus on HTML5 based product development I have switched my focus to marketing our cloud empowered mobile app pharmaConnect which helps pharmaceutical companies to switch their sales team to digital reps.
How I continue to Grow
The principle of common sense questioning got me into one of the most difficult question that most of us conveniently suppress or ignore. What is the purpose of life? To state it other way why am I doing what I am doing? Essentially asking what is my purpose of life?
This question challenges your system to such an extent that you need to make hard choices to change course of your life.
I am big consumer of information. I read a lot on topics of Religion, Economics, and Health. Simple principle is to keep your efforts on with your conscience guiding and don’t worry about connecting the dots. Divine help will show you how it keeps on connecting.
Handling Grievances
Sincerely listening and being considerate itself solves half the problem. Rest half is looking at the priority of such issue and giving due consideration in spending further cycles on it at organizational level.
Avoiding mistakes – both in your personal as well as profession
connecting dots is divine work. Our job is to put efforts only. Our efforts should be directed at looking consciously at every opportunity that comes knocking at you. See if it fits in larger frame of purpose. If yes go ahead and give it a shot.
Leadership skills
I don’t consider myself as established leader. Whatever leadership roles I have been through, I feel motivating, challenging and creating competitive environment is essential. Learning to apply common sense and questioning based on common sense goes long way in bringing clarity and depth of understanding.
Taking Important career decision
I left my job in L&T, which I had joined after completing my BE and pursued MTech at IISc. Second important decision that too when whole of my family was dependent; left my job at Wipro and jumped in start up bandwagon, which paid off smartly by God’s grace.
Advice to upcoming leaders
Every individual is special and is bestowed by The Creator with special capabilities; maximize your capabilities by helping humanity at large by doing your part. Polish your conscience regularly. Find a meaning in what you are doing or do a thing in which you start finding meaning.
More about me
I am in process of course correction. More looking from the angle, how can I benefit the Humanity at large. Working on small, small projects to help poor and hard working people come out of debt and set up small businesses. I was busy last few weeks helping, my neighbors, the people who were evicted from EWS quarters Kormanagala and thrown out without any shelter. Still lot need to be done to bring these people to mainstream of our country. Any help is welcome.
I am helping friends and families to learn about Schussler’sbiochemic cell salts as first aid and supplements for chronic health matters as self help. The tide of profit
My prospective towards India Technological development
Things are changing slowly. The problem lies in the attitude and professionalism. We just can’t think of solving customer’s problem. We think that solving customer’s problem is doing a favor to him. Whereas when I interacted with some far end town of china vendor. Where language was big barrier, I could get the product done professionally. The amount of detailing towards completion needs to be learned and internalized.
My family background
I am glad to see this question. Probably the family structure itself getting lost in west is the biggest concern.
Just to encourage my fellow brothers in Humanity. I came from lower middle class family with younger brother and a sister. My father retired as a office superintendent in Maharashtra electricity board. I owe a lot of credit to my father who refrained from any kind of bribe and provided us with clean, we call it halal provisions. And for mother managing meticulously with whatever was available.
My inspiration
Lot of my inspiration comes from discourses on Spiritual literature. In my case it is the Quran. I feel every individual should spend some time in seeking the truth by going back to the treasure of scriptures. Balancing out the outlook and contributing to Humanity at large.
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