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Thursday, April 05, 2012
6 Reason to buy Sterling holidays vacation plan
Gadget Guide
Screen quality of tablets is one of the winning factor which makes them sell out, this fact points out that you all love to have a tablet.
Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus, the sequel of company's mid-ranged smartphone Galaxy Ace has got launched in the Indian market with a price tag of Rs.18,150.
Startup City
Myntra, an online shopping retailer has appointed Ganesh Subramanian as the company's new Chief Merchandising Officer.
Savaari Car Rentals has raised Rs 5 crores Series A funding from Inventus Capital partners.
Independent villas at Rs. 20 lakhs, Near Greenfield Airport, Chennai
India is likely to become the third largest aviation market in the world from its current position as traffic volumes grow exponentially, a top official said.
Car maker Renault India launched a new diesel variant of its premium sedan 'Fluence' in the country, priced at Rs.15.2 lakh.
Real Estate City
In the financial year 2012-2013, Mumbai is likely to witness more residential projects as most of the developers will be concentrating on the execution of projects.
Property in religious localities may fetch good rental incomes, but on the other side, it may turn out to be a risky business as well.
Humor of the Day
A mother was reading a book about animals to her 3 year old daughter. Mother: "What does the cow say?" Child: "Moo!" Mother: "Great! What..
One afternoon, a wealthy lawyer was riding in the back of his limousine, when he saw two men eating grass by the roadside. He ordered his..
"Do you believe in life after death?" the boss asked one of his employees. "Yes, Sir." the new recruit replied. "Well, then, that makes everything..
Its time we get some reality check and get back to the hard ground of programming where developers should learn to accept some realities.
Microsoft Kinect which was launched to enhance the gaming standards of Microsoft Xbox 360 has picked 11 StartUps to build apps for Kinect.
Personal Finance
The travelers and vacationers will have a tough time managing their budgets as both train and flight rides have turned more costly.
Grocery shopping we do every month and every house maker thinks on 'how to cut the cost on this?'
Some of the career researchers have found that workplace sexual harassment as the top fearful acts that can get them fired.
Fee hike in the professional courses in Indian colleges has left the common man worry about it.
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Training & Courses
Neona Embedded Labz Training division is focused on sharing competitive technical knowledge with young and dynamic students who are poised to become the innovative engineers of tomorrow.
Animation Boom is an unique animation institute which provides animation courses, multimedia course, 2d animation, 3d animation in creative arts
Innovation is a core ingredient in the success of a product development company and Texas Instruments India has successfully set up an innovative culture in the 26 years it has been here.
Founded in 2006 by V.A Venkatesh Babu, California headquartered Tiara Consulting, is disrupting the traditional partner/vendor model and going a mile ahead to enable a client's business in a 360 degree view.
What if not IIM's
Blogs: Editor's Choice
E-newsletters are perhaps the most basic way to communicate with clients. It incorporates a standard format that most people are comfortable with. It is a form of advertising that carries..
Google co-founder Larry Page has a Facebook fixation. When he replaced his mentor Eric Schmidt as Google's CEO last April, Page insisted that the company had to be more aggressive about countering the..
Life & Style
Women who become pregnant while dieting are more likely to have a child that could be obese or diabetic in later life, a British study suggests.
Bollywood star Salman Khan entertained the Chennai audience with his desi moves on some of the popular dance numbers at the opening ceremony of the fifth season of IPL.

QA Times
In this article, we will explore writing good maintainable Sahi scripts. While this article uses Sahi for illustration, the concepts used are independent of the testing tool.
Embracing Agile in the Testing practice is not an easy task and fraught with challenges. This article briefs how a tester can overcome these challenges through automation.

Enterprise IT
Organizations are prioritizing on developing and implementing reliable business continuity plans to ensure that IT services are always available to internal users and outside customers.
India's enterprise software market is forecast to maintain its strong performance, with an estimated compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13.6 per cent from 2009 to 2016.

With summer round the corner Indian travellers are ready to loosen purse strings with nearly 40 per cent of them ready to spend more than Rs one lakh on holidays.
There are few countries where Indians can visit without a visa just by having an Indian passport even though it is pretty much compulsory to have a visa to go abroad.

US Indian
FBI and California police are looking for an Indian, charged in a hit-and-run case that killed a 28-year-old woman, who has now fled to India.
A proud daughter of Sikh immigrant parents, Nikki Haley says one can overcome any obstacle with the belief that "Can't Is Not An Option".
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