US Ambassador Foresees India's Leading Role in Digital Innovation

By siliconindia   |   Thursday, 18 January 2024, 18:02 IST
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US Ambassador Foresees India's Leading Role in Digital Innovation

The workshop emphasized the joint vision of India and the US for a transparent and accountable digital future, focusing on responsible global deployment of 5G, trust, security, and inclusivity.

In discussions surrounding US-India 5G and next-generation networks, the US Ambassador to India, Eric Garcetti, emphasized India's potential for digital innovation, considering its vast population and thriving digital economy. The importance of trust in deploying 5G was stressed, with both nations committed to collaborative endeavors. Mentioning India's role in providing trusted global solutions during its G20 presidency, he highlighted that technology is not solely about speed and connectivity but also serves as a gateway to progress and development.

Garcetti states that India, with its large population and flourishing digital economy, is well-positioned to harness the transformative power of 5G and future technologies like 6G, propelling itself to the forefront of the digital revolution. The shared vision of both nations focuses on a digital economy built on transparency, accountability, the rule of law, and the protection of basic rights.  The importance of security and trust in digital networks, especially concerning 5G, the partnership between the two nations aims to reduce the risk of misuse in network design. This objective guarantees the preservation of security, confidentiality, integrity, and availability in networks.

The US actively supports India and other nations in the responsible global deployment of 5G and next-generation networks. The country underscores the significance of trust, openness, and interoperability from the beginning of network development. Featuring the positive influence on technology, its constructive application drives economic progress, improves health indicators, and contributes to global security.

Garcetti commended India's leadership and transformative policies, stating that the relationship represents the most exciting nexus in the world. As the US National Security Advisor prepares for Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to Washington DC, intense collaboration on critical emerging technologies is underway.

Telecom Secretary K Rajaraman underscored technology's pivotal role in fostering economic and social inclusion, particularly as a tool for empowering marginalized communities. He detailed the government's initiatives to extend technological benefits to the grassroots, including the forthcoming launch of satellite broadband services. Stressing the need for collaboration between India and the US in global forums, emphasis was placed on setting standards that ensure the affordability, inclusivity, and broad applicability of technology.

Rajaraman advocated for a global cooperative effort to develop technology that serves the diverse needs of societies worldwide, expressing concern over the substantial global population still lacking access to connectivity. He outlined key government programs, such as the saturation program for unconnected villages and Bharat Net's objective to reach six lakh villages, showcasing a commitment to both wireless and wired connectivity.

Emphasizing the significance of global standards, he expressed confidence in Indian companies collaborating with their US counterparts to provide solutions on a global scale. Discussions centered on current policy reforms targeting the delivery of affordable solutions, indicating positive progress in this area. Furthermore, the exploration of the Open RAN platform was highlighted, fostering collaborative innovation among companies in the telecom sector for the development of 5G and upcoming technologies.

The workshop underscored the shared vision of India and the US in building a digital future based on transparency, accountability, and the protection of basic rights. The collaboration aims to ensure the responsible global deployment of 5G and next-generation networks, with an emphasis on trust, security, and inclusivity. The US Ambassador and the Indian Telecom Secretary highlighted the need for international cooperation, global standards, and policy reforms to make technology accessible and beneficial to all sections of society.