Artificial intelligence to shape the future of VOIP

By siliconindia   |   Monday, 28 February 2022, 06:40 Hrs
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Artificial intelligence to shape the future of VOIP

In a technology-driven society, Artificial intelligence has become a catchphrase, and its influence is projected to rise in the future years

FREMONT, CA: Artificial intelligence (AI), which was once only seen in science fiction, has now entered daily life. In a technology-driven society, it has become a catchphrase, and its influence is projected to rise in the future years. It is causing a revolution in a variety of businesses, notably voice over internet protocol (VoIP).

The numerous capabilities of VoIP telecommunication are already affecting the communication setup of various sectors. Virtual phone number systems and VoIP are already being used by many multinational corporations and other enterprises. However, as AI technology becomes a major player, these industries' efficiency and potential will skyrocket. With its cost-cutting potential, the ability to detect erroneous network design, and other benefits, AI technology will become increasingly important in company operations over time.

IVRs (Interactive Voice Responses) are widely used in contact centers and a variety of other sectors. They're made to automatically respond to callers and provide excellent customer service. Customers are greeted and their questions are answered.

By collecting caller data, personal information, call records, and previous transactions, AI will improve customer service even more. It will direct calls to the departments that can best handle the customer's enquiry for more complex queries. They sometimes give the agent all of this information even before the conversation is connected, allowing for more effective dialogue. Excellent customer service is provided by an IVR system combined with AI, which is critical for any organization to survive and succeed.

The call center service is made easier with the use of VoIP technology. Call centers may now provide smooth service by decreasing the requirement for human involvement with an AI-integrated VoIP solution. All customer calls will be recorded and analyzed by an AI-integrated VoIP system. As a result, the agent is able to deduce the customer's mood and emotion just by listening to their chats. This will assist the agent in smoothly handling the calls and without aggravating the situation. The agents will receive a general sense of the customer's needs and will be able to route the call to the department that can best handle it. This will assist to reduce the number of help desk employees, which will save money.