Warren Buffett Joins Twitter; 1000 Followers Per Minute

Bangalore: 82 year old billionaire, Warren Buffett, reportedly joined Twitter, and within a span of 45 minutes he picked up more than 45,000 followers. The numbers kept pouring in, and within 5 hours he already has 174,633 followers, reports Forbes.

Twitter soon verified Buffets's account, and people around the globe are excited to see him on twitter, even Bill Gates too is happy to see him on social networking site, and has welcomed him to twitter with his tweets. Other billionaires like Donald Trump and Mark Cuban, are also in his list of friends. Buffet's initial tweet "Warren is in the house" had a total response of 25,399 re-tweets.

Warren Buffett, well known for sharing his knowledge on business world and economy, would allow people to gain more insights on his views on them through twitter. However, the third-richest man in the world, having a current net worth of more than $57 billion, per Forbes estimation, could not be immediately reached for his comments.

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