Revealed! 7 Features To Look out on Windows 8.1 Roll-out

BANGALORE: Microsoft is expected to roll out the windows 8.1 update for its fleet of Windows 8 phones. The update for all phones is to be done on the first day of its release itself and this is expected to be the first and last update for Windows 8. Finally it looks like Microsoft has worked on some features which are comparable to the Android and iOS and it is said that some of them are better than the rivals too. So here is the list on some of the best features we have come across, as compiled by Trusted Reviews.

#1.Active Center

Active center is just like the drop down menu on the Android with the immediate options of Bluetooth, WI-Fi and more. Looks like these are customizable on the new update and this was the most needed feature on the windows phones.

The Active center has two accessible menus--one a short one with quick access options of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and the airplane mode, and the second one with the option of checking recent messages, calls and emails. Swiping once will take you to the first menu and the swiping it twice will open the recent activities menu.  

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