Google Glass Gets Banned Even Before The Launch

Google Glass Gets Banned Even Before The Launch

Bangalore: Google’s most anticipated gadget, known as ‘Google Glass’ is not been up for sale as yet in the market. But the device has been banned by a Seattle bar and large parts of Vegas.Legislators of West Virginia have also tried to make it illegal while driving.

New technology is making devices more ‘nimble and visible’. These pair of lens-free frames with a tiny computer has the ability to capture incidents and publicly broadcast them to millions in a fraction of minutes as Karen L Stevenson, a lawyer with Buchalter Nemer in Los Angeles said, “We are all now going to be both the paparazzi and the paparazzi’s target.”

But concerns regarding distractions while driving, relationship breaks and even a little privacy for people in public need definite answers.

As issues with privacy go on, Google Spokesperson Courtney Hohn says that the design of the Glass is being thought off very carefully as when new technology arrives, it always raises new issues. The search giant has also stressed on the work in progress and that the test versions are being released to 2000 developers.

The bar at Seattle called 5 Point Café is the first one to explicitly ban Glass as the bar’s owner Dave Meinert says that it is ‘kind of a private place’. In West Virginia legislators are serious as the state had banned texting while driving last year. A Caesars Entertainment spokesman in Las Vegas also said that Glass is not allowed while gambling or attending their shows.

This is not the only privacy concern related to Google, as the search giant has been at the forefront for many issues. In 2004, Google’s free email service which made money by generating ads against content was protested by two dozen groups. There was an investigation made with regards to eavesdropping laws being violated. But the protests were quickly degenerated as people got used to the idea.

Government investigations were also prompted for Google’s Street View mapping for privacy concerns regarding photographs not wished to be published online.

However Glass is a new initiative by Google to unlock privacy just like other Silicon Valley companies. Eric Schmidt, Google’s former Chief Executive feels that if one does not want others to know, then he should not be doing it in the first place.

Even analyst firms like Piper Jaffray estimates that this new wearable technology by Google could ultimately be a $500 billion opportunity for the company. IHS, a forecasting firm predicts that the shipments of Glass could be as high as 6.6 million in three years.

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