Apple Is Coming Up With Large Screen Tablets And Smartphones

Bangalore: Apple may shun its rule to make a Smartphone to be used with single hand amid increasing demand for larger screened handsets which escalate Samsung’s position as leader in mobile market. According to The Wall Street Journal, the Cupertino based company is testing Smartphones with 4.7 inch sizes and tablets slightly less than 13 inches.

If all goes fine the next Apple phone, dubbed as iPhone 5S may sport a 4,7 inch screen away from its current standard, 4 inches, which iPhone 5 has. And the next range of iPads will have about 13 inch screens from the current standard of 9.7 inches.

With maturing Smartphone market, Samsung’s galaxy line of Smartphones and tablets has emerged as Apple’s toughest competitor. The South Korean electronics giant, with 33.1 percent market share in Smartphones is the leader while Apple trailed back to second place with 17.9 percent market share, according to market researcher, Strategy Analysts.

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