A Year Into Windows 8: The 10 Biggest Mistakes

Bangalore: It will be a year on August 1, since Microsoft launched Windows 8 OS, which according to the company was a revolutionary product that can change PC world’s landscape. However being a “revolutionary product” was better drawn on papers than in reality.  The product that was launched to recapture the popularity of PCs which were getting outshined by Smartphones and tablets is yet to make that desired impact on consumers. If we rewind; the  mistakes done by Microsoft on Windows 8 floats like cream over water, and on the go, it will also highlight some desperate attempts by the software giant to set things right. While some were promising, others were added mistakes, according to Ed Bott of ZDNet.

#10 Miscalculation on desktop changes

The first thing users noticed about Windows 8 is, it lacked the popular and most used “Start Button.” Actually before releasing the new OS, Microsoft did include a start button option in user settings, which would bypass the Metro Screen and go straight to desktop, which for some reasons, couldn’t make it to final version of the OS. The company is now coming up with the update called Windows 8.1, where the missing Start button and other desktop friendly features will mark their presence.

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