Samsung To Sue Apple Over iPhone

Bangalore: If the reports are to be believed, Samsung is the one who awaits release of iPhone 5 more than anyone else, as the Korean company is preparing to sue Apple for infringing on a patent for 4G LTE connectivity.

The report came in Korea Times, citing industry sources that if iPhone 5 come with 4G LTE capability, then Samsung will sue Apple, targeting mainly the U.S. and Europe.

Apple is set to reveal the iPhone 5 at a press event in San Francisco within hours. According to the industry rumors, the latest version of the Smartphone will likely have the 4G LTE capability, as Apple had already included it in the latest iPad, which was released in March.

The decision to sue Apple can be accounted to the recent fight between the two, which was powered after the launch of Samsungs flagship device, Galaxy S3. Even though the South Korean giant lost to Apple and invited a fine of $1 billion, its Galaxy S3 was able to outrun the sales of iPhone for the first time.

If Samsung can anyway challenge the iPhone in U.S. with its expected lawsuit, it will be a big hit to the Cupertino tech giant. So let’s wait for a couple of days to see the ultimate winner.

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