Infosys In Hot Soup Over Hiring Biases In U.S.
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Infosys In Hot Soup Over Hiring Biases In U.S.

By SiliconIndia   |   Tuesday, 06 August 2013, 12:31 Hrs   |    7 Comments
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Bangalore: The Indian IT giant, Infosys, has been slapped with a lawsuit over hiring biases by an American IT professional. The recent incidence comes nearly six months after the company settled two different American lawsuits over potential visa fraud.   

Brenda Koehler, a Wisconsin-based IT professional alleged that Infosys discriminates against U.S. job applicants in favor of South Asians. Koehler said that she has over 15 years experience in IT industry, and alleges that while she was qualified for the position to which she applied, the company discriminated against her and chose to hire a Bangladeshi national for the position she had applied for, reports Business Today.

In the lawsuit filed on August 1 in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Wisconsin, Koehler said that, "Infosys has engaged in systematic, company-wide discrimination against individuals based upon their national origin. Specifically, Infosys has discriminated against individuals who are not of South Asian descent." She also added that, "The company employs more than 15,000 individuals in the United States and approximately 90 per cent of these employees are of South Asian descent, including individuals of Indian, Nepalese, and Bangladeshi descent. Infosys has reached this grossly disproportionate workforce by directly discriminating against individuals who are not of South Asian origin."

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Reader's comments(7)
1: You don't have to go till U.S. to find this discrimination. It is a hidden truth in almost all Indian tech firms including HCL where the HR recruit based on the region
Posted by:Sahai - 07 Aug, 2013
2: it is not just info sys. Most Indian IT companies are the same. Indian companies hire one or two American just for the showcasing that they have Americans. They teams those employees like gods whether they perform or not,. At the same time they will suck the blood of South Asian origin people still don't compensate properly. The manager back in India they are so afraid to talk to even junior American due the lac of fluency and also unethical things they do. It is high time tht Indian companies raise their work ethics, donot discriminate nations, pay for what people are working for. Otherwise I am sure many other companies will loose the faith with customer.
Posted by:Srini - 06 Aug, 2013
3: I ) Indian media should cover nothing but Satish Chandra. India can economically grow 30% per year or more without foreign investment and be the world's supreme military power immediately for which he -- the world's greatest scientist -- has been suppressed with 24-hour satellite surveillance for 36 years. Modi is CIA-sponsored. All politicians are CIA-controlled. India's government is a proxy for the CIA. The requirement, brought by Manmohan Singh, for mid-career Indian civil servants (sending military officers for training to the United States has the same purpose) to go to U.S. universities for training so their future career prospects, promotions, etc. are controlled by Americans is meant to make India's government as a proxy for the CIA more perfect. A long-standing requirement in American and British universities is that to receive a Ph.D. degree from them, Indians have to agree to work for American or British intelligence agencies. IndiasLegitimateRulerSatishChandraDOTblogspotDOTcom

People from Telangana try hard to get into the United States despite the racial discrimination though in language, culture and history they differ a lot more from the United States than from the rest of Andhra Pradesh, because the United States is rich and powerful. In an India that is the most prosperous and powerful country in the world -- as Satish Chandra can make it -- there will be no separatist demands such as Telangana. For this chase the Anglo-Americans and their Indian proxies out of India. Or just focus on the media people and beat them to death for suppressing Satish Chandra.
Posted by:Satish Chandra - 06 Aug, 2013
4: How it is different that US companies have bias on Asians?
If 2 persons with go for a same position, one is US citizen and another is non us citizen, US companies take US citizen only...
How it is different and why only Infosys will come in to picture...
90% of US companies do the same..
Posted by:bhaskar - 06 Aug, 2013
Absolutely correct and more. Southeast Asians are profiled and discriminated even as customers with even high end purchase of goods and/or services. Welcome to the real world...
peter lloyd Replied to: bhaskar - 18 Aug, 2013
Infosys creates situations and work conditions that no US citizen would accept, like on call 18 hours a day, wrongfully classifying employee as exempt in order to save on overtime pay, change salary without prior notices based upon role changes that happened even before the policy has been implemented. Majority of Infosys H1 visa holders are not qualified to be exceptionally superior than US educated and experienced engineers. Many of the projects Infosys has completed are either not implemented or taken off soon after implementation.
Anonymous Replied to: bhaskar - 06 Aug, 2013
If you can get an H1 visa guy at half the cost and comparitive skills - why not. And you know for sure it is harder for him to change jobs..
anon Replied to: Anonymous - 10 Aug, 2013