Airtel Launches Emergency Alert Service For Women

Airtel Launches Emergency Alert Service For Women

Bangalore: Bharti Airtel, one of the top mobile services in India launched an emergency alert service for the subscribers in Odisha, Bengal and Kolkata. The service, aimed primarily for women, allows dialing the Airtel helpline number, 55100, as well as send messages in case of emergency.

Dialling the number will send an alert message and a recorded voice message to 10 pre-loaded numbers instantly. The message in turn allows the 10 recipients to track the location and time of the sender. The messages and the recorded voice messages will be sent across simultaneously and the alert messages will repeat three times within 30 minutes.

According to Airtel, the service largely focuses on women subscribers. It will be available free of cost for the first 30 days and then chargeable at 30 per month. Currently, there are 20 million subscribers of Airtel across Kolkata, Bengal and Odisha out of which one third are women. The company expects around 10 percent of its women subscribers to opt this service.

Airtel also had negotiations with the local police in order to confirm that one single number should be introduced for the purpose of emergency calls. The alerts will be generated through that single number such as 100 as well as to all the local police stations.

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